Homestay in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful hill stations and tourism is common there. Homestay in Sikkim one of a lifetime experience because you would have different experiences there and the view will be breathtaking. Homestay is basically for the people who love to explore new things and try new adventurous activities this is the place for you. Whether you go with family or friends you will have a wonderful experience which everyone should have once in a lifetime.

There are several homestays in Sikkim some of the best homestays in Sikkim are-


Popular Tours

1.The Himalayan View Homestay


This homestay is situated in West Sikkim. The view from this house is absolutely beautiful and forests and activities all around. Have a friendly neighborhood and all the facilities. This is one of the best homestays in Sikkim and the experience that you will have here is worth it.

2.Kashyap Kunj Homestay

If you want a memorable and safe stay then this homestay is for you. Mostly this homestay is preferred by family members because is more of a hotel. The view from this homestay is breathtaking and gorgeous.

3.Tungna Homestay

Tunga Homestay is basically an escape from the chaos and all the rush from cities and this is basically a place for nature lovers. The homestay is known for activities of daily farming and organic farming. I would say that this is the best homestay in Sikkim for family and friends.

4.Gohills Gangtok Homestay

I would surely say that you will have a memorable vacation here in Gohills Gangtok Homestay because this is more of a resort with all the facilities available. You will have a luxurious stay here and you will enjoy it here. One of the most expensive as well as the best Homestay in Sikkim is Gohills Gangtok Homestay.

5.Tashi's Homestay

This is more of a place where you will feel close to nature and you will learn more about Sikkim culture and religion. The person who loves to explore new things, this is the place for you. This is one of the beautiful and is the best homestay for nature lovers.

6.Tarey Bhir


This is one of the best tourist attractions which is located near Chalamthang homestay Sikkim It is a ten thousand feet long formation edge with a nearly 3500 feet abrupt drop. A little pathway over the sting of the formation would take you to the center of the formation from wherever you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the stream Teesta and stream Rangeet. The tip of Tarey Bhir is roofed in pine forests and you'll be able to usually spot the rare wild mountain goats – Bharals grazing on the steep formation face. It’s merely a natural marvel.


Located at 7000 feet, Ravangla could be a settlement with a number of the most effective views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, Mt. Siniolchu, Mt. Pandim, and Mt. Kabru. The Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia over these mountains throughout sunrise is mesmeric. There alternative major attraction of Ravangla embodies the notable Buddha Park, which hosts the 130-foot high sculpture of Buddha. This sculpture was consecrated by the ordinal lama in 2013. alternative attractions of Ravangla embody the Ravangla religious residence and also the trek to Maenam Hill.

8.Zuluk homestay Sikkim

Dzuluk or Zuluk or Jhuluk or Jaluk could be a tiny hamlet settled at a height of nine,400 feet (2,900 m) on the rugged parcel of land of the lower chain of mountains in Rongli Subdivision of East, that lies within the Indian state Sikkim. The summer temperature would be  20 °C.


         October - February — 

  • March to May — cold.

  • June to September — the monsoon season.

Places & Attractions Nearby Zuluk homestay Sikkim

1.Nathu La pass

The others square measure Shipkila in Himachal Pradesh and Lipulekh (or Lipulech) at the trisection purpose of Uttarakhand–India, Nepal, and China. The travel distance to special Hindu and Buddhist journey sites within the region and was expected to bolster the economy of the region by taking part in a key role within the growing Sino-Indian trade. However, trade is proscribed to specific styles of product and specific days of the week.


Gangtok rose to prominence as a well-liked Buddhist journey website once the development of the Enchey cloister in 1840. Assistant DirectorGangtok became a significant stopover on the trade route between Lhasa in Sikkim countries and cities like metropolis (then Calcutta) in British Sikkim. once the Sikkim won its independence from the UK in 1947, the Sikkim selected to stay associate degree freelance autocracy, with Gangtok as its capital. In 1975, once the combination with the union of Sikkim, Gangtok was created India's twenty-second city.


1.Bamboo Retreat Hotel

2.Saramsa Resort

3.Shanti Kunja

4.Cardamom Blues

5.Malinggo Homestay

6.Alpine Village Resort

7.Chalet Orchid Eco Retreat

8.The Griffon's Nest

9.Saramsa Resort

10.Hotel Pine Leafg

11.Hotel Kaso



1.Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim could be a destination with rattling trekking trails; some being short and attractive. Passing through various mountains and lesser-known places, and spots with breathless views; the treks in here square measure too stunning to be resisted by any journey enthusiast.

Amongst the foremost modish treks in geographical {area|geographic square measurea|geographical region|geographic region} are inexperienced Lake trek, Village trek, Monastic trek, shrub trek, Phoktey Dara trek, Singalila Trek, Goechala Trek, and Dzongri Trek.

2.River Rafting in Sikkim

 One of the best adventurous activities in Sikkim is river rafting. The view is gorgeous and the fun that you will have there is once in a lifetime experience that everybody should get.

3.Mountaineering/Peak Climbing in Sikkim

The state is home to the world’s third tallest mountain, mountain peak, in addition, called Khangchendzonga that measures 8568 m tall. This smallest state in the country can house many l 5 thousand, like god Peak (5830 Meters), Mount Jopuno (5603 Meters), Lama Wangden (5868 Meters), and Brumkhangse (5635 Meters), apparently making it one in each of the foremost effective destinations for mountaineering in country.

4. Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Adventure in Sikkim is limitless. Amongst such journey, activities area unit mountain biking, Associate in Nursing degree eco-friendly sport that's perhaps the best because of exploring the state.

Sikkim is probably one of the best biking/cycling destinations in Bharat with lots to explore and experience in terms of trails, natural beauty, and challenges.

5.Paragliding and Hang Gliding in Sikkim

The two to not miss journey activities in sq. measurea| ar Paragliding and soaring that provides a flower scan of the villages, rivers, temples, and forests.

The best destination for soaring in the geographical region is Yumthang depression in North and Jorethang in West. Paragliding on the other is best enjoyed on the point of Gangtok.