Andaman and Nicobar Islands, also known as Kalapani is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in India.
They include a whooping 572 islands in total out of which only 50 are inhabited by people where rest are either too small, come under forest reserve or used by Indian military as their base.
The islands have been the favorite tourist destination for a while now and offer one of the most out-of-world, exquisite vacation spots in India.
The weather here is moderate and doesn't follow the trends of India. When there is summer all over the mainland, Andamans just start out with monsoon and therefore offer a perfect break from the harsh sun.
The glistening clean white sand beaches, wide shorelines and crystal blue waters offer a perfect place to take a dip or enjoy water sports throughout the day.

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Andaman Honeymoon Bliss: 6 Nights & 7 Days - Tour

Andaman Honeymoon Bliss: 6 Nights & 7 Days

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 50,000View Details
Andaman Honeymoon Retreat: 5 Nights & 6 Days - Tour

Andaman Honeymoon Retreat: 5 Nights & 6 Days

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 40,000View Details
Andaman Scuba Havelock Expedition: 9 Nights & 10 Days - Tour

Andaman Scuba Havelock Expedition: 9 Nights & 10 Days

  • 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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Havelock Scuba Expedition: 6 Nights & 7 Days - Tour

Havelock Scuba Expedition: 6 Nights & 7 Days

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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Serene Andaman Escapade: 6 Nights & 7 Days - Tour

Serene Andaman Escapade: 6 Nights & 7 Days

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 27,000View Details
Enchanting Andaman Expedition: 5 Nights & 6 Days - Tour

Enchanting Andaman Expedition: 5 Nights & 6 Days

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 25,000View Details
Tropical Andaman Getaway: 4 Nights & 5 Days - Tour

Tropical Andaman Getaway: 4 Nights & 5 Days

  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 22,000View Details
Andaman Island Escape: 3 Nights & 4 Days - Tour

Andaman Island Escape: 3 Nights & 4 Days

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
  • Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
₹ 18,000View Details

Places To Visit On Andaman Tour


Union Territory of the Republic of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands consists of a plethora of things to do and places to visit in this exotic place. The capital of Andaman and Nicobar island  Port Blair is situated in the south of Andaman. The capital is connected to India by sea and air.

The exuberant beauty of this place consists of Spending days at the pristine and peaceful beaches with a wonderful experience. This place lets you help in discovering a rich tribal culture by exploring shorelines and islands and picking up coral artifacts at Aberdeen Bazaar. There are Water sports activities you can indulge yourself in like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea diving and ocean walks are also aplenty here and make for a great holiday adventure in Port Blair, Andaman. 

Port Blair offering the most romantic beaches and serene environment will surely give you the excitement of travel on the Andaman Tour with your beloved one!

Port Blair at a glance

Average Weather: max around 35 degrees during day and min around 25 degrees during the night 

Beaches: Corbyn's cove beach, Wandoor beach, and Munda Pahad beach.

Total Population: 108,058 according to the 2011 index.

Local Language: Bengali followed by Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam

When to visit?

Travelers instantly fall in love with Port Blair’s attractive coastline, verdant landscapes, and old-world charm. Port Blair has three main seasons, just like the rest of India, and displays a different face in each season. The city has a tropical monsoon climate which means you can visit it throughout the year. 

The best time to visit this place is from November to May, monsoons are however recommended to be avoided due to high tidal waves, incessant rains and strong winds during your travel to the Andaman Islands.

How to reach?

The most convenient and fastest way to reach this exotic island in Andaman & Nicobar is via flight from the mainland (Delhi) to Port Blair airport Veer Savarkar International airport.

To have an adventurous feel of the sea waves you can also travel via ship from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair. 

What to eat?

Rice, Roti, and Naan are common to our Indian tongues but we can indulge in some tasty authentic seafood at Port Blair. The staple diet being rice, coconut, and spices. You can indulge yourself in authentic seafood like cuttlefish, Crabs, lobsters, prawns, the all-time favorite Red Snapper. Andamans is a paradise for seafood lovers.

There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well, you can find good quality eating joints at Port Blair which offer you South Indian food, Bengali food and give you an authentic taste of Kerala and Andra Pradesh.

Places to visit On Andaman Tour?

The energy of the waves at Port Blair lets you want to explore more places on the island and around the island. Here are a few must places you can visit with your lover, family, and friends to explore the streets of this beautiful island on a vacation and that must be included in your Andaman Package.

Cellular Jail

The Cellular jail is also known as Kala Pani. It was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The prison was used by the British for exiling political prisoners. This was the jail where great Indian freedom fighters were once imprisoned.

Light And Sound Show 

You must experience the thrilling light and sound show of the Cellular jail which leaves you with goosebumps and a feeling of patriotism. There is a sage of heroic struggle our forefathers went through leaving you with a heavy heart.

The show has a soulful narration from a viewpoint of an old peepal tree in the complex. The sound used in the narration is of the famous actor Om Puri. Without this show, you might find your Andaman  incomplete.

Timings: Two shows daily at 18:00 and 19:15 in Hindi except for on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when the second show is in English.

The ticket for the Light and sound show is of Rs. 250

Museum Tour

Museums in Port Blair uncover the city's tribal history, marine life and more. From a plethora of island artifacts at Samudrika Marine Museum to lively tribal murals at Anthropological Museum and endemic marine species at the Fisheries Museum – there’s a lot to see and learn. 

Chidiya Tapu

This place is famous for the sunsets, it also offers all the bird lovers to engage in bird watching. There are different kinds of birds from all over the world. The best time to go bird watching is early in the morning as birds are active during that time and to have a clear sight. To enjoy the beautiful sunset you must stay till 4 pm.

This island is must include if you are planning an Andaman Tour.

Seafood Restaurants

Port Blair is the hub of seafood restaurants that offers all the seafood lovers a lot of places to explore like lighthouse residency located at MG road, Blue Marlin at Maulana Azad Road, Ganga restaurant and Excel restaurant at Hotel Lalaji bay.

Aberdeen Bazar

This place is a must for all the shopaholics as it offers a lot of Colored fabrics, wood artifacts, jewelry. The best thing to pick from Sagarika Govt. Emporium is pearls jewelry, home decor, accessories made from shells, coconut lampshades and bangles and paper mache tribal masks.

Ross Island

Ross Island was once the colonial capital for the Britishers and it takes you to another world with its British vestiges. There are an old church and a colonial bakery. There are Japanese bunkers you can explore and some friendly deers you can spot. You can reach this place through a ferry from Aberdeen Jetty.

North Bay Island

You can experience the amazing aquatic life here indulging in water sports on this island. You can indulge in water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, semi-submarine, sea-walk, banana boat. 

Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly buoy island is an adventure lover's sight where you can watch the coral reef and underwater sea life as you go along in a glass-bottom boat here to have an experience of a lifetime.

Munda Pahar 

One of the best places to trek in Port Blair is to the shimmering waters of Munda Pahar beach that lies around 2-3kms from Chidiya tapu.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

When you explore the Wandoor beach you can also have a look at the Mahatma Gandhi Marine national park which offers us a glimpse of Andaman's vibrant marine life.

This is a man-made marine park surrounded by a lot of flora and fauna.

Mount Harriet

This is a place for all nature lovers and animal lovers as there are several unique species of moths and reptiles here as well as marine turtles and elephants. There are also grand sunsets and sunrises you can enjoy while relaxing at this park. If you are planning an adventurous Andaman Tour experience then you must visit Mount Harriet in Andamans.

Barren Island

The barren island offers nature's greatest feats where you can go via a boat. It is South-Asia's only active volcano.


Havelock Island is the largest & popular of the islands that comprise a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands. It’s the perfect island for a tropical feel with crystal clear water and colorful aquatic life to spot. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia which are right out of a tropical paradise scene.

Imagine yourself on a perfect tropical island vacation with clear ocean water and sand, & that’s precisely what I can tell you about pristine Havelock with it’s a true beauty. It's the perfect resting place with a hammock and viewing the stunning waves sitting on a beach. To reach this divine blue island it takes about 2 hours by a ferry to reach from Port Blair to Havelock.

Havelock Island will be a major destination in your Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package.

Havelock at a glance

 The Average Weather: The weather On average, the warmest month is April and the coolest month is January. 

Beaches: Radhanagar beach, Vijaynagar beach, Elephant beach, Kalapather beach.

Total Population: 5,354 (according to the 2001 index)

Local Language: Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi are the languages spoken by the residents of Havelock Island.

When to visit?

The Havelock island has a typical tropical climate all through the year, however as per local late December till the end of February marks pleasant weather in Havelock. From June until September is the month of Monsoon and brings in heavy rainfall, harsh waves, and strong winds. For the scuba divers, the best time to visit this place is not during the monsoon season as the tides are high which isn’t the perfect condition to dive.

How to reach?

The easiest and the most feasible way to reach is to take a flight to Port Blair and catch a Ferry to Havelock Island from there. 

To have a feel of the oceans you can also take a 3-4 day long ferry from Chennai to reach Port Blair if you want to save money and stay a little longer on this island.

If you’re fully loaded with cash, you can avail Chopper services.

What to eat?

Havelock offers all the seafood lovers some crazy dishes and places to hog at! With the strong smell of roasted prawns and tuna fish letting our mouth water, you have it all on this island!

Here are a few places you can eat at while exploring the island :

Red Snapper Restaurant

The restaurant in Havelock is part of the Wild Orchid beach resort with rich ambiance and polished bamboo decor. It is one of the most famous seafood fine-dining restaurants in Havelock with a loved one. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner and some wine to sip on.

Full Moon Cafe

Reputed to be one of the best places to eat in Havelock. It is well known for its extensive menu, which includes Indian, Mexican, Italian and other western-style dishes. The food here cooked to local flavors. This cafe is run by an Irish-Indian couple, this busy thatched-roof restaurant shares a site with Dive India on Beach 5. Seafood and desserts here are worth trying. This is one of the few restaurants that serve seafood in diverse styles. For all the dog lovers this is the cafe, you might sight two goofy golden retrievers here! 

You can enjoy this place with someone special with the sound of the waves and some light music on!

Fat Martin’s Cafe

For all the morning lovers this is the best place for breakfast on the island. The food here is fresh and perfect for the morning. The menu is very different from most other restaurants. This modest, cozy restaurant serves a variety of fresh juices, milkshakes, and ice-creams along with the usual cafe fare. With low sitting and lounge music, this roadside eatery has won the hearts of many backpackers with its laid-back atmosphere. 

Also, travelers note you must try the “Hello to the Queen” desert at this place. 

Places to visit On Andaman Tour?


When in Havelock, you have to go & explore Radhanagar beach or beach number 7. Voted as one of the best beaches in Asia, this is a must-visit to witness the beauty of the beach. Go to Radhanagar beach to spend your quality time with a loved one, see the sunsets here holding hands and living this time for a lifetime. You can also check out this nice secluded tourist hotspot called Neil’s cove and enjoy the view from this corner!


Vijaynagar beach in Havelock is the one you will often see and explore while in Havelock. Why? Because it was a long stretch of sand on the east coast of the island and situated ten mins from the Havelock jetty. The beach is perfect for long walks along the seashore. The Dolphin Resort is situated right in front of this beach. The varied color of the ocean as the sun rises or sets on the island is a must-watch and appreciated on your Andaman travel experience.


Best known for snorkeling & water sports (Jet Ski & Sea Walk), the elephant beach located west of the island & has no motorable road from the Radhanagar main road. The absence of a road gives the beach a cleaner appearance and a serene look to the beach. Elephant beach is only a short ferry ride from the Havelock jetty. The fare starts from Rs 750, and it takes roughly 15 mins. Adventure seekers can trek to the beach via a 2 Km moderate forest trail. It’s to you what type of traveler you are! It’s a place for all the adventurous souls out here, you must go explore and feel the gush to try new things out at this beach!


The beautiful silver sandy beach located 12 Km or 40 mins from Havelock jetty is slowly gaining footfalls and getting famous among the tourist. The beach is small compared to Radhanagar, and the shores are a bit rocky too. However, if you don’t like the crowded Radhanagar beach, Kalapather beach should be your destination for sure and this beach is a solace for all nature lovers. It’s quiet and peaceful here.


This island attracts a lot of adventure freaks Whether you are planning a honeymoon trip, solo backpacking or even a family trip, I strongly recommend trying a couple of activities at Havelock.


The waters around Havelock Island are pristine and unexplored and diving is exciting and easy, filled with coral and curious marine life. Dives are done in small groups and you are likely to have dive sites all to yourself.

Here are a few Diving schools you can enroll in:

  • Dive Andaman
  • Blue Corals Dive
  • Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving
  • Dive India
  • Andaman Bubbles


You can explore this activity without swimming skills and you can explore the magnificent view of seabed and marine life. To begin with this activity they provide you with a big helmet which would protect you and also you can breathe through that easily. It’s the safest and the most fun activity to do.


Neil is a small and extremely scenic island spread alongside 13.7kms. It is the south of the group of Andaman islands of India. This island is still isolated and less affected by tourists, unlike Havelock. When you are on this island you can imagine yourself on a paradise island which is a few hours away from the mainland with empty soft beaches and light waves to soothe you. The extremely blue water of this land is the beauty of this place with no cell phone connectivity, amazing seafood dishes to try out, simple village life with an easy lifestyle.

 The people here are extremely polite and it’s an affordable place to be at. 

To get the actual feel of this island you must stay a little longer than two days.

Neil at a glance

Average Weather: 23.0 °C (73.4 °F)

Beaches: Laxmanpur beach, Bharatpur beach, Ramnagar beach, Sitapur beach

Total Population: 2675

Local Language: Hindi, English

When to visit?

The best season to visit Neil Island is the winter season and the onset of summers. The favorable months to visit the place are between October and May. The climate remains pleasant during these months offering tourists the best holiday experience.

How to reach?

Neil Island is located in Ritchie’s archipelago and can be easily reached from Port Blair. The entry point to the island is via the Bharatpur jetty. Some public ships and cruises plying from Port Blair are the only way to get here.

What to eat?

Neil island being the biggest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in all the islands, you can grab yourself plenty of fresh food available at the island. There are not many cafes or restaurants here giving you the feels of a village-like environment with a rustic atmosphere.

There are resorts in Neil island that have in-house restaurants mostly run by the owner’s family. 

The menu mainly consists of what they know how to make and what travelers have taught them. The waiting time is as long as the food prepared from fresh produce and generally lip-smacking.

Street Food in Neil Island

Street food in Neil Island is usually found at the jetty or at the market area. Shops and vendor carts are selling hot and freshly made samosas, dal pakoras, and jalebis.

SeaShell Neil, Pearl Park, Tango Beach Resort, TSG Aura, and Summer Sands organize great candlelight dinners in Neil Island.

Places to visit On Andaman Tour?

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur is the prettiest since it has a triangular spot with water on two sides and is known as “Sunset point”. The beach is HUGE and the triangular spot is beautiful. This is also white sand and blue water beach and great for a swim.

Bharatpur is also beautiful although a bit commercialized with snorkel options, glass boat tours, jetski, etc. It's also a white sand beach with beautiful blue water, good for a swim. The water is pretty shallow however so you will need to walk in the water for a while till you reach a good spot.

Ramnagar and Sitapur beaches:

Ramnagar and Sitapur beaches are not white sand beaches they remind you of beaches at goa. Whenever you are exploring these beaches please don’t pick up dead coral or shells because you would be fined.

Off-Beat Places In Andamans:

Baratang Island

Baratang island is home to one of the indigenous tribes of India known as the Jarawa tribes. This is one of the best offbeat destinations of the Andamans and Nicobar island as it's an unusual experience and a lifetime experience. The govt. has allowed day trips at this island with security as they have made peace with the Jarawa tribes and this island is exclusively reserved for their inhabitation. When you visit this island keep a few tips in mind to keep it trash free, don’t give outside food to the tribe members, don’t try fitting your notions of modern into them as they have been living like this for centuries. Don’t overdo your acts while being around them, let them feel comfortable. Keeping these tips aside you can also enjoy the Ancient limestone caves here and lush mangrove forests as they are places of attractions!

Inglis Island

Inglis is known as the wildlife island truly does justice to its name! It’s an abode of extremely beautiful wildlife, green forests, rich vegetation, radiant coral reefs and white sand beaches to chill on! 

On this island there are about 135 species of coral reefs, It’s a place for all the nature lovers, it has stunning views to set your eyes on, to admire the wildlife of this island!

There are turtles, elephants and colorful bright fishes just the perfect place for some crazy divers! A boat ride will surely refreshen you on this island with all the breeze.

Long Island

Long island is a unique village in the lap of nature that is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, cozy caves, green rolling hills, and stunning mangroves. This island isn’t much explored like the other islands hence this island flaunts lush green tropical forests along with Tidal Swamp forests 

And Evergreen forests and a unique marine ecosystem. You can visit the silvery beach of Lalaji bay to get a feel of this island. 

Besides Andaman's best beach, Merk Bay Beach also resides here. The beach with white sand and blue water is ideal for bathing and snorkeling as well as bird watching and sighting dolphins, and don’t forget to visit the uniquely shaped, Guitar Island; a perfect site for sunbathing and relaxation with your loved one.