Bismil  has been creating waves over the years delivering some of the most splendid and successful shows across the globe headlining at various college festivals, music & food festivals, private shows and corporate events.Bismil started singing at the age of five and has learnt from various Gurus and Gharanas. He has an onstage singing experience of more than 10 years. Presenting a heady mix of Sufi, Bollywood & retro numbers with a twist, he has managed to always have the audience on its toes. He has an original composition  launched by T-Series by May 2019, amassing 4 million+ views. The members of the band draw inspiration from great musicians and add their magic to the live shows. We have a guitarist, bassist, drummer, percussionist and keyboardist to support the vocalist to deliver exemplary music!

Bismil is dedicated to the pursuit of creating the perfect kind of entertainment. Bismil plays soulful Sufi music as well as Bollywood covers. His musical repertoire has everything from retro numbers to current Bollywood hits. They love connecting with the audience through their eclectic sound, and have achieved much success doing so.

30 Minutes Available on request