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Do you love adventure but also love photography? Are you not able to carry out both at one destination, because of the types of equipment required? A professional needs many options - one with high resolution, one that can fly in the air. one that can attach to the bike helmet, and one can shoot at 11 frames per second.

But the one camera that everyone can pretty much have with them all the time is your cell phone. It’s not the best camera, but it sure is handy.

Our Captain, Bharat Garg, a rider, a traveller and a photographer out of a hobby. He is passionate about shooting with his phone, though he is a DSLR pro as well. Amidst his numerous adventurous trips,  he discovered the beauty in everything around me and how to capture that in a unique way through photography; and how you can take amazing photos of just anything with your phone. 

He will teach you a few simple tricks and you’ll be able to shoot the kind of photos you never thought possible! Are you ready for some photography tips that will dramatically improve your photos. 


30 Mins Available on request
  • Phone Photography 
  • Basics 
  • One one one online session