Ladakh is large in scale, fascinating to experience depth and diversity, and is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The area is made up of high mountains and valleys, with steep cliffs rising above the rugged river banks, and beautiful lakes emitting a seductive light from all directions.

Curved, long empty streets are beckoning, and the air is full of calm and pure atmosphere. There are many beautiful places in Ladakh worth visiting; a place of this magnitude and complexity, you will marvel at the power of the natural creative process that shapes them. Natural and man-made wonders enrich the landscape of Ladakh, turning this trip into a fantastic adventure. Ladakh has many things to do.

When visiting the highlands of Ladakh, you can visit such wonderful landscapes as Pangong Tso, Hemis National Park, etc. With so many attractions and activities to do, your trip to Ladakh will surely be full of excitement and change. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to visit Ladakh, so enjoy it. The options are many and varied, and the excitement you get from them will be endless.

Popular Tours

1) Trekking To Chadar Trek

The river looks like a sheet of ice and it is referred to, in the local language, as Chadar.  During the trip, the explorers will walk on a sheet of ice to cover the distance and will rest in caverns during the nighttime. In the winter season Zanskar river freezes.  Get an adorable experience by walking on the frozen Zanskar River with the proper scenic beauty. It lies in the Indian union territory of Ladakh. Its length is approximately 65 miles (105 km). It is a huge favorite place among Indians and travelers from abroad. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to see in a lifetime.

2) Cycling

In Ladakh cycling, is one of the best-known activities to do. There are so many trails where you can have a view of natural beauty while cycling on calm roads, the beauty of the tall snow-capped hills. Cycling from Manali to Leh is a dream of many,  this route takes you through five high mountain passes out of that two are above 5000 meters, it generally takes 7 to 14 days to reach, the distance between two is 474km long, but while cycling physical and mental health is a must. While cycling some of the important things to carry are goggles, UV- rays, caps, gloves, mufflers.

3) Go on a Camel Safari

Camel ride or camel safari is the most common mode of conveyance for trade, around 3-4 eras ago. It is still chiefly practiced in the Nubra valley from Hundar to Diskit.  In this region, you will find the Bactrian camels or double-humped camels and it is one of the amazing activities to do in Ladakh. The unique sorts of these camels are that they store fat instead of water inside the bulges. Camel safari tours are also organized here and have become popular among travelers. Camel safari is fun, entertaining, and adventurous.  Foreigner tourists think about the Thar Desert in Rajasthan when they think about camel safari, but Ladakh has a different fan base.

4) Indus River Rafting

The Indus River originating from Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar in Tibet and runs across the desert part of Ladakh. While rafting in the Indus River in Ladakh you get to enjoy some mesmerizing beauty of nature as the river takes you through the valleys in the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. This river has mainly waterfalls of Grade I and Grade II and at some places of Grade III. There are different divisions in the river where the difficulty level is different. However, there is no rejecting the fact this gives you tremendous pumping of your adrenalin along with a hypnotic view of the places around the river banks.

5) Skiing

The plenty of high and steep slopes in the Trans-Himalayan mount ranges along with the bewildering beauty of the snow-clad mountains and the frozen lakes, the ever-changing scenery invite skiers from all over India and abroad. Skiing treks are also being taken these days to visit an unfamiliar region of Ladakh. Skiing is one of the must-do activities in Ladakh. Skiing means traveling over snow especially as a sport of recreation. Skiing is of two kinds: Nordic (cross-country racing, jumping) and Alpine (downhill or straight racing, and round a series of markers). The crystal sky of Leh motivates one to do skiing in the Khardung La range.

6) Motor Biking

Motor Biking is a very well-known activity in Ladakh. Riding a bike in Ladakh is a dream of many people, some of the highlights are ride on the popular Khardung La Pass, drive to Jispa via Rohtang pass, a bike ride on Baralachha pass to reach the campsite in Sarchu, admire the breath-taking sceneries, and ride on meandering roads of the Kullu valley. Here are some the things to keep in mind before a bike trip are choose the right bike, get your bike serviced, things you've got to keep handy and easily takable, pick the right season and route, carry extra petrol, stay hydrated, essential documents, breaks to take rest.

7) Trek to Markha Valley

Board on this trek to Markha valley to experience the beauty of nature. The coolness of the place attracts many trekkers to its trails. It is also known as the tea-house trek, it is a cultural experience that takes you closer to Ladakh culture. Valley is just not a trek but it is a more cultural trek.  Markha trek covers 65 kilometers and an altitude of 17000 feet in 6 days.  It takes at least 2 to 3 days to reach chilling before continuing Skiu. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate to difficult, before trekking you have to make sure that your lungs are strong.

8) Go on a Yak Safari

Yak is a huge size animal its height is about 6ft. and its weight is 1000kg, in the local language yak is also known as dong. Yak safari is as amazing as camel safari in the desert region. In Ladakh yak safari is a memorable experience as you get to enjoy the original beauty of nature, the crystal blue lakes, the fascinating green valley, snow-capped tall mountain hills are eye-catching, Ladakh will take your heart.  You can hire a local yak trainer and go on the safari.  Yak has been domesticated in Ladakh for so long and it is a very valuable animal in that region. The local people use yak milk and meat for their survival. Yak can survive at a temperature of -40 Celsius.

9) Spot the Snow Leopard

Hemis national park is the best place to find snow leopards in Ladakh. Hemis national park is also known as the snow leopard capital of the world. The success rate of finding leopards in this region is 50 percent. It is a place tourists should visit; it is one of the best things in Ladakh. Snow leopard roams in the high valley and cliffs. In Ladakh, there are about 500 snow leopards and in the world, there are 7500 snow leopards. In the Ladakh language, snow leopards are called "Shan". Their physical appearance is grey and white fur with long tails and spots on the head and neck like jaguars. By this appearance, they resemble the rock and snow of their environment and help them to follow prey.

10) Visit Pangong Lake 

 Pangong Lake consists of the maximum saltwater lake in the whole world; it is located at a height of 4350 meters above the sea. The journey to the lake from Ladakh takes five hours and is an experience of a time. The sparkler clear waters are a popular breeding ground for several birds and make for a gorgeous experience. Pangong is popular for its changing colour ability. Its tint changes from shades of blue to green to red. It is one of the lakes in the world that is filled with saline water. When temperatures range between -30 degree to – 10 degree the lake freezes like a sheet.