The himalayan town

Manali is a high altitude town which is known all over as the ideal location to have an adventure filled holiday. This paradise can be visited throughout the year as the climatic conditions are favorable to all who visit with relatively calm summers and snowy winters. With the enchanting lush greenery, majestic rivers, high mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and snow covered peaks, the nature here is magical. There are also a number of wildlife sanctuaries and meadows here. Besides the nature some of the other attractions here are the temples, houses and hanging bridges. Though Manali is an ideal place for a luxurious holiday, there is an increasing demand for Manali trekking packages as trekking here provides a raw experience of the true beauty of this heavenly paradise. Along with this there are also a number of other adventurous activities to try out here like hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, zorbing and much more.

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The mountains calling

Manali being a widely loved sport there are number of treks to choose from like the Hampta Pass trek, Bhirgu Lake trek, Chandrakhani Pass trek, Chandratal Lake trek, Malana Village trek and many more. These treks range from low to high difficulty levels allowing first timers to attempt a few of them. These treks also vary from those going through snowy regions, green valleys and rocky mountains. Get amazed by the beautiful views throughout the treks as you come across beautiful views and go through thick woods, snow chanted mountain tops and slants, lavish green valleys, pine-oak forests and much more. Trekking in Manali is definitely an experience that you will want to keep going back to. There are a number of Manali trekking packages for you to choose from based on your interest