Land of high passes

In the past Ladakh gained importance due to its location which made trading more convenient. Today Ladakh is a very widely visited region by those who are looking for adventure. The geography of Ladakh, being the highest plateau in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is at over 9,800 ft. makes it a fascination that many want to witness. The Suru and Zanskar valleys too receive a lot attention. Rangdum is the highest inhabited region here. The panoramic views at Pangong Tso Lake, Indus valley and Nubra valley are awe inspiring. The flora and fauna are unique and cannot be seen in the rest of the country which is obvious considering the climatic and geographic conditions. What attracts people here the most however is the landform which is at high altitudes with a lot of bikers and adventure seekers looking for Leh Ladakh bike trip packages.

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A journey like never before

A bike trip in Ladakh is every bikers dream come true. This is a thrilling experience with mountainous roads. Meander through long, open roads as you climb on one of the highest motorable pass in the world. As you embark on one of the most adventurous trips in Ladakh, visit some of the most remote areas in the country which will bring you close to nature. Marvel at the culture and the lifestyle practiced by the nomads living here and how it helps them survive in such harsh conditions. Ride past beautiful sceneries and pitch a tent by the lake where you can watch night turn into day. Pick your trip from a number of Leh Ladakh bike trip packages to take up the test and go on one of the most challenging road trips where you will have an experience that is unmatched like no other.