The heart of the thar desert

Also called the Golden City, Jaisalmer  is located close to the Pakistan border, this is a world heritage site and is known for the several Jain temples and sandstone architecture. Here you can enjoy the desert life just a step away from the city. The desert here is very rich compared to the other deserts around and is also home to a number of wildlife species that are on the verge of extinction in other parts of the country. Animals such as the blackbuck, chinkara and Indian wild ass can be seen here along with quite a number of other migratory birds. The flora consists of thorn shrub forest which is sparsely scattered. The people are passionate about their folk music and poetry. An increasing number of people are looking for Jaisalmer desert camp packages with hopes of experiencing the desert life first hand and are looking forward wanting to participating in the unique culture and have an unparalleled desert experience.

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Desert Adventure Hub

We have specially designed a number of Jaisalmer desert camp packages for you to choose from depending on your interest. With a number of things to do here, Jaisalmer is the ideal place to go on an adventure that is unmatched. The activities that are available here are parasailing, paramotoring, quad biking, dune bashing, desert safari, visiting the Indo-Pak border. You can also go and explore the deepest most remote parts of the desert while on a camel back. Get in touch with nature, away from the worries of your daily life and enjoy the peaceful night skies while at the campsites and absorb the food and culture of the nomadic culture as they display their traditional folk dance in their kaleidoscopic costumes and learn more about life at the desert.