Sikkim: Where Nature Smiles

Sikkim has been given many names. The Lepchas, original inhabitants of the land called it Nye-mae-el `The Paradise'. The Limbus named it Su Khim or `New House' while to the Bhutias it was Beymul Demazong `The Hidden Valley Of Rice'.

A land where nature's beauty is at its epitome and culture so vivid once you reach there you'll find yourself mesmerized and unwilling to go back.

The serene and traditional monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism coexist with Hindu shrines of the ever-growing Nepali community, with both religions creating some of the most exotic sculptures inspired by these cultures throughout Sikkim.

We have curated special packages for you where you can explore Sikkim. We take you on a surreal journey from Gangtok - Lachen - Lachung - Nathula - Zuluk.

We have two types of packages: 1) Sikkim Bike Trip   2) Sikkim Car Tour

These both tour takes you diving straight into the world of the natural beauty of Sikkim.

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Sikkim Bike Road Trip - Tour

Sikkim Bike Road Trip

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Siliguri, West Bengal
₹ 28,000View Details
Sikkim Car Tour Package - Tour

Sikkim Car Tour Package

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
₹ 28,000View Details