Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Kindly check below, great places that have been carefully selected to give you the most form of adventure while on tour in Dubai. This package is put up with you in mind. As professionals, we anticipate what will help you catch enough cruise and that is what we shall deliver in this package to tour Dubai. Don't be in a hurry to choose the first one on the list, like the proverb goes, we may have reserved the best for the last! 

Come with me, please:

1. Dubai Miracle Garden

What better to begin this mental tour of Dubai than to be saturated with nature's very own gift to man in the form of the Dubai Miracle Garden? We have included this world's largest natural flower garden in the Dubai tour package to afford nature's lover the opportunity of experiencing the wonder of such a lush garden set up in a city that is completely a desert. Well, to be frank, this garden is not naturally natural. It is a model, controlled by technical devices. But is evidence of man's ingenuity and love for mother nature.


GPRS: The Dubai Miracle Garden is located at Al Barsha, Dubai United Arab Emirates


2. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina will add more excitement to your Dubai trip. This tush neighbourhood is an artificial canal city, that houses one of the biggest man-made marinas. We have added it to this Dubai tour package for its sheer beauty and of course, the view, while dining. It features some of the finest architecture. You will find various hotspots here. The Marina houses top boutiques, markets, cosmopolitan eateries. The city is created with a waterfront view and its major inhabitants are Expats. You will be awed at the ambiance radiance of these towers at night.


GPRS: The Marina is located two miles (3 km) off the Persian Gulf shoreline.


3. Global Village

Global village leads the pack in family entertainment in Dubai. We have added it to this list of places to visit in Dubai because of the cultural attraction and representation in its 31 pavilions. In your trip to Dubai, especially if you are going with family for tourism in Dubai, then I recommend that you take a detour to the Global Village and experience the intercontinental display of items that are peculiar to diverse cultures and traditions.

This village has something for you, irrespective of your age or choice of outdoor activity, ranging from thrilling rides for kids at Fantasy Island to stunt and thrill shows, from street performances to other bespoke shows and cultural displays that are easily recognizable across the world.


GPRS: Located at the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Dubai


4. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall of United Arab Emirates, UAE is amongst the largest indoor markets in the world. Tourism enthusiasts who have visited this expanse of shops on their trips to Dubai have all been regaled with the uniqueness that comes with this mall. If you are planning a tour to Dubai, it would be awesome to tick this one off your checklist of beautiful places to visit in Dubai. The mall is made up of 1200 stores, 120 restaurants, a café, an indoor cinema, an underwater zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, a children's educational entertainment centre known as KidZania, etc. It gets even better! In the Dubai mall, children have their currencies known as KIdZos. This children's money is earned when kids complete tasks and can be used at gift shops in the arena. Don't fret, we have included a visit to this mall in this package of the tour to Dubai, enjoy!


5. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

There is no limit to man's imaginations and ingenuity as seen in display in the Dubai Aquariums and Underwater Zoo. You will be thrilled at the illusion of interacting with animals that are considered endangered species, being conserved in their natural habitat.


The aquarium is very popular among Dubai tourists. It is home to over 140 various species of animals. When you take the trip to Dubai and should you choose to visit the Dubai Mall, I charge you to take advantage of the 48m long tunnel-like underwater zoo that gives you an excellent view of the rainforest and a glittering view of the world of the ocean.

GPRS: The underwater Zoo is located within the Dubai Mall in Doha. 


 6. Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest, very intriguing, and well-simulated fountain, with a towering height of 900 feet. This fountain is in the middle of Burj Lake and has attracted thousands of tourists and continues to do so. 

With the help of mechanized nozzles, that shoot water with very high intensity, 6600 super lights that illuminate this structure, and 25 colour projectors this fountain creates the illusion of more than a thousand expressions of water. As Dubai Tourists are regaled by the aesthetics of this show, they are also serenaded with different songs of varying rhythms, ranging from Arabic to classical, from contemporary to modern music. You will be uniquely entertained, I can assure you!

GPRS: The fountain is located in Dubai Mall, Dubai - UAE.


7. Bollywood Parks Dubai

At one point in your life, whether as a kid, a teen, or as an adult, you may have seen Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan Govinda in the movies and dreamed of featuring in one yourself. Well, now you the chance to be in ''Bollywood'' in Dubai. Okay, I may have exaggerated this feature, but one thing is very certain, you will experience the feeling of being in the movies on your tour to Dubai if you choose to include a trip to the Bollywood Parks in your tour package to Dubai. You will be entertained by stage performances and make you feel nostalgic about Bollywood.


You will be surprised is how popular Bollywood is, outside India. Include this in your tour package to Dubai today.

GPRS: The beautiful edifice is located opposite Palm Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


8. Ski Dubai

Do you think you have seen it all, regarding the best places to visit on your trip to Dubai? Well, hold that thought. I hinted that we may have saved the best for the last, and yes, we are getting close! Ski Dubai is a 22,500 square meter indoor resort that is dedicated to snow and skiing. 


The facility is covered in snow with a temperature that is well below zero! The highlights of this resort are the penguins' parade, man, you will love seeing the beautiful birds roll in the 3000 square feet of ice a pure winter bliss!

GPRS: The resort is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.


9. Burj Khalifa

This is arguably the most exotic place to visit on your trip to Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper that was initially known as Burj Dubai. 

The building has 57 elevators and 8 escalators. The interiors and the ambiance inside seem to be wrapped up in artistic exuberance. The external features of this structure are a testament to the power of wealth and its influence on society. 

 The Burj Khalifa stands at a whopping 829.8 m and a roof height of 828 m. 

The Burj Khalifa remains the world's tallest building as at the time of this post. 

GPRS: The Burj Khalifa is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, UAE.


1O. Burj Al Arab

If you love to dine and make merry in a hotel that creates the illusion of a dolphin diving in the waters, then the Burj Al Arab is the best place for you. There is no way one can plan a successful tour to Dubai without taking advantage to see this massive structure. The Burj Al Arab offers services that have the feel of royalty, you will feel royal in these royal suites. This is for those who like to live in La Vida Loca.


GPRS: The Burj Al Arab is located near the Jumeirah beach.