FAQS Questions About Dubai tours



1. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

We believe that having fun and enjoying yourself should not be timed. However, we have found out that there is an upsurge of tourists to Dubai from November to April. This is greatly due to the weather and atmospheric climate in Dubai, and it does not by any means reduce the leisure and activities in the city. Dubai is ever bubbling!


2. How can I get to Dubai for a tour?

Booking and taking flights is certainly one of the best options in our tour package to Dubai. We also have The Cruise ship which is an awesome experience on its own. We have discussed extensively the cruise ship in our previous article.

However, if you have enormous time a huge amount of money to embark on a ridiculous road adventure, then you should prepare your paper to be able to cross into Pakistan, then to Iran, through Iraq, then Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and then finally you can be driving on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Oh, you still have to surmount the challenge of driving on the left sides of the road, because not countries drive from that side. I was being sarcastic. Flying is the only option in our package.


3. How much does it cost to tour Dubai?

Contact us now and someone from the customer representatives will furnish you with all the details you need to make your trip to Dubai the most memorable one.


4. How many days are enough in Dubai?

This is entirely up to you. Contact us and we will help you figure everything out.


 What are the best adventure activities to do in Dubai? 

You might want to:

⦁ Go skydiving

⦁ Go skiing

⦁ Go to the Desert Safari for camel riding, dune bashing, and sandboarding.

⦁ Go Quad biking

⦁ If you are looking for some aquatic, then I recommend you try water sports for a whole new adventurous experience.


What are the best things to do in Dubai at night?

The Madinat Theatre

 If you love the Harmonious Musical Night, then the Madinat theatre is a nice fix and comes in handy in your Dubai tour package.


The Arabian Desert

 After all the bustle, a simple night out at a desert safari is a wonderful way to end the day. You would be treated to barbeque dinners on the Arabian sands. While you eating dinner and gazing at stars, you would be serenaded by cultural performances like the Tanura Dance Show, Belly Dancing, and Fire Show. What a way to end the day on your trip to Dubai!



This is an underwater aquarium for aquatic lovers and Dubai tour enthusiasts, plus, it enables one to come close to stingrays, seahorses, sharks, and many other fascinating animals.

Uptown Bar

 For a chance to enjoy a breath of fresh breeze on a cool Arabian evening, Uptown bar is the place to go. sitting atop the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, this bar features jazz music to the listening pleasure of their guests. It would be a great addition to your list of best places to visit in Dubai at night.


⦁ BASE Dubai

  What is fun if there is no place to dance off and unwind at night? Base Dubai presents the perfect opportunity to pump up some adrenalin at night. It is regarded as one o the most classy hangouts in Dubai. Plus, eligible bachelors are sure to leave the club with a companion if they put up their A-game!


Which are the best beaches in Dubai?

 1. Kite Beach

 A wide, flat beach, the Kite Beach is one part of the Umm Suqeim beach. If you were to rent a kayak and paddleboards, then that is the place to go. Make your trip to Dubai more memorable.


2. Al Mamzar Beach Park

 This is a great family beach with a public park area. The beach is constantly staffed with lifeguards in case of any mishap. There is also a playground for kids and two large swimming pools. The good news is that all these facilities are free. 


3. Dubai Creek 


The saying that ''any river that forgets its source dries off'' could be best exemplified in Dubai Creek and Deira This is where Dubai started as a trading port and remains one of the few areas to have retained some of the emirate's rich history. It is good to want to share in the experience of the history of UAE, come to think of it, they have provided us with so much opportunity for leisure. It would be fun to add this historical beach to your list of best places to visit in Dubai.  This is a new addition to the numerous fun places in Dubai and it is already regarded as an industrial zone. It has the largest man-made harbor and home to many sandy beaches.

4. La Mer

 This is Dubai's newest beach development, located in an entire entertainment zone. La Mer combines a beautiful stretch of beaches and restaurants.