As a former Corporate Professional, she first found Yoga at the recommendation of a friend. What began as a physical practice just for fitness turned into a lifestyle that provided balance and healing for her body and mind. Since discovering the transformative power of Yoga, she has made it her mission to share it with the world. She quit her Corporate Job and completed her training at The Yoga Institute in Santacruz and become a passionate AYUSH Certified Yoga Instructor.

She is experienced in different styles and approaches to yoga through many years of personal study and practice under various masters. With her roots firmly grounded in Hatha yoga, she teaches both traditional Hatha as well as the invigorating and fluid Ashtanga Vinyasa style. 

She is known for her joyful nature, her flexibility, and dynamic approach to each class through which she constantly inspires others with her yoga practice.

With her extensive studio and workshop experience, she brings to each session a will to explore the potential of mind, body, and spirit with a passion to help others find their purpose and mindful movement. Whether you are a curious beginner, a serious student, or a seasoned instructor, Rani’s breadth of content carries depth for every learner.

Rani is a firm believer in studying so she can be of better service to her community. Along with Yoga, she is Certified in Basics of Ayurveda and a Certified Vegan Diet Coach. She seeks to spark inspiration within her students to create holistic change in their life.

45 Minutes Available on request