If you are here, reading this, then you do love luxury! Welcome to another world of experience, a luxurious and romantic way of getting to Dubai on a tour. This is the coolest way to begin your tour, right at the ports of Mumbai. The Cruise ship from India to Dubai is enmeshed in luxury, romance, and comfort. It offers you the opportunity to experience unprecedented aquatic travels as you traverse the waters of the Arabian Sea. Again, you do love luxury, if you choose to explore this route on your trip to Dubai. 


On this cruise ship, the extent of fun is limitless! You are offered everything including casinos and bubbling DJ and dance nights. The cruise ship from India to Dubai is a tour on its own, as you will get a chance to experience thrilling activities aboard, it is truly a luxurious way to journey down to Dubai.

You will have the perfect opportunity to explore the spacious, elegant, and cozy rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The wide range of entertainment will keep you glued to the very gorgeous boat throughout the trip to Dubai. 


Once on-board, you are treated to an exotic bar to sip your favourite drinks with a spectacular view of the environment around. It would be the most amazing trip as you make your way to enjoy a well-packaged tour in Dubai.

13 Nights 14 Days Available on request