The programme starts with a swimming pool session of about 45 min in the morning. You will go through the following in your swimming pool session: - First the dive master/instructor will explain the use of the different parts of the equipment before getting into the pool (regulator use, how to breath underwater, primary air source, secondary air source Etc) 

  • Your scuba instructor will then explain how pressure effects human body as we descend and ascend underwater. (Because pressure effects air spaces, the most important rule whilst SCUBA diving is that we never hold our breath to avoid lung over expansion injuries.) 

  • Once in the pool, students will go through three skills. Regulator removal replacement and clearing, mask clearing and equalization. These skills cover what to do when the regulator comes out of your mouth, It covers how to remove water if it enters the mask and it teaches how to equalize our ears. 

  • After the students successfully learn and demonstrate these fundamental scuba diving skills, and the dive instructor is confident with the level of comfort, students will be given some time to swim around and practice by themselves to build up their confidence. 

  • After enjoying for some more time in the pool, students will get ready to leave for the dive in the sea. 

After the swimming pool session, you will be taken to Grande Island by a boat ride and you will be diving there, accompanied by a scuba diving instructor. Each student will be accompanied by one personal instructor who will be holding the student (through the buoyancy control device) for the entire underwater duration. The instructor will be a qualified PADI dive master or dive instructor. Photos/videos will be taken for each student while diving although its not always guaranteed as the first priority of the instructor would be to ensure the safety if the student and only when after is confident of students safety, underwater, instructor will attempt to get pictures/videos.

Depending on the number of students/instructors in the boat, students would be diving in one to three batches. While you are waiting for your turn, if you are a confident swimmer, you can take the mask and go for a snorkeling session by yourself. Boat will be anchored while the students are diving, which could last for anywhere between 1 to 2.5 hours.

Once the entire student batch finishes their dives, the return journey from Grande Island would start which would take another 45 minutes. Snacks /fruit juice will be provided on the way back.

7 Hours 30 Minutes Available on request Ilha Grande, Goa

What is included in the tour

  • Pick up and Drop
  • Snacks, water bottles, soft drinks and beer
  • 1 hour boat trip with dolphin spotting
  • Sightseeing of famous attractions by boat
  • Training in shallow water / equipment rental
  • Underwater diving with PADI Instructor
  • Live coral & fish experience underwater
  • Lunch (Veg & Non - Veg) on the Grand Island
  • All Taxes
Pickup point
Grande Island, Mormugao, Goa, India View on Map