Founder of LivNewYou
A creative soul and a spiritual seeker, who strongly believes in the concept of energy healing
through meditation, chakras, sounds, mantras, and conscious living. With more than 8 years
of practice in the area of energy healing, she is passionate about living life to the fullest and
strives to make others embrace the simple energy healing practices as a part of their
lifestyle and help them achieve a happy balance in their life. Also a Tarot Reader, Pendulum
Dowsing practitioner, crystal healing practitioner and astrology enthusiast. Learning
Graphology, NLP & EFT to help people realise the power of self-healing!
In 2013, I started my career as copywriter, visualiser, designer and branding consultant in
advertising industry and continue to exploit my creative talents through my own venture
ArtBoard Creatives. I started learning the power of self-healing through meditation and
chakra balancing from my Guru. I am practicing it since 8 years and want to share this
knowledge with people through LivNewYou-Online Chakra Balance Workshop. This
workshop is designed for people in worldly pursuits, not aimed to make anyone a monk!

EE Fees -1800/-
Features of Chakra Workshop:
Online, interactive sessions on Chakras for the beginners.
8 Days Interactive Sessions- 1 Hour.
1. Introduction to Chakras & their importance in well-being
2. All chakra explained in details
3. Identify the imbalances in your chakra
4. Learn various balancing methods like affirmations, colour, food, simple yogic and
breathing exercises, crystals, essential oils & sound meditations.
5. Identify your daily activity to keep chakra balanced.

How chakra healing & balancing helps?
1. Discover your emotional, behavioural & thinking pattern through chakras.
2. Work on negative emotions & actions related to chakras
3. Understand physical ailments related to chakras

4. Break bad habits & negative thought patterns
5. Create new healthy, happy lifestyle
6. Find the New You and Live the New You!

What all you will get?
1. 8 Days Online Session for all Chakras
2. Basic Balancing Techniques for each Chakra
3. Sound meditation audio for each chakra
4. Better understanding of chakras and yourself
5. Positive shift in Energy!

Who all can enrol?
Anyone who wants to make their life balanced, include healthy habits and find inner
This workshop is ideal for beginners.

1 Hour Available on request