Among the indian states, the least populous and second smallest is Sikkim. Gangtox is the largest city in Sikkim. The khangchend zonga national park is covered by the state upto 35%. The state Sikkim has the largest cardamom production in india. Between 2003 and 2016 , Sikkim achieved its ambition to convert its agriculture to fully organic. To achieve this distinction, this was the first state in india. India’s most environmentally conscious state was Sikkim. They banned plastic water bottles. It works to end plastic pollution and there are attractive places to visit in sikkim.

The merge of two limbu words Sikkim, su which means new and khyim which means palace or house. Drenjong is the tibeton name for Sikkim which means that the valley of rice and which weather to produce generally poor and shallow brown clay soil, the gneiss and schist consists of hills of sikkim. The large concentration of iron oxide in the soil coarse and it ranges from neutral to acidic. The organic and mineral nutrients contain lacking in the soil. This type of soil used for evergreen and delicious.

There are four districts in Sikkim , east Sikkim, west Sikkim, north Sikkim and south Sikkim. Gangtok, Mangan and Namchi and Gyalshing  are the district capitals. Then the four districts are divided into  16 subdivisions. The subdivisions of the east district are pakyong, rongli, rangpo and gangtok. The subdivisions of the west district are soreng, yuksom, gyalshing and dentam. The subdivisions of north district are chungthang, dzongu, kabi and mangan. The  subdivisions  of south district are ravongla, jorethang, namchi and yangyang. Here are some of the best places to visit in Sikkim listed below.


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Best Places To Visit In Sikkim



Gangtox is one of the places to visit in Sikkim and it is the largest city in sikkim.  It was the subdivision of east Sikkim districts. Gangtok the most popular meaning is “hill cut”. In the lower Himalayas at an elevation of 1650 m, Gangtok is situated. The main base for Sikkim tourism is gangtok. The most popular tourist season is summer and spring. The prominent tourist spots in Gangtok are MG Marg (Mahatma Gandhi Marg) and Lal Market. It was very popular for its serene beauty. Wildlife sanctuaries, historical places, parks, lakes and falls are lots of tourist places in Gangtok. In nature and admire the natural  beauty of higher peaks and Himalayan ranges. The Himalayas give a beautiful view in the snow clad tower. The adventure activities in the region which includes trekking, cable car ride, mountaineering, gangtok that attract the tourists love to visit the place again and again. The Shivalik hills and altitude of 5500 ft which is located in gangtok. This place is most attractive for those who are close to river rafting and other nature oriented activities.  

Gangtok travel tips

You can go to Gangtok all over the year , but  September to October is the specific duration to visit Gangtok and the march to June is the other ideal time to visit gangtok. To enjoy the best gangtok city tour during this peak time one should come along with their family and friends.

Nathula pass

Nathula  was the subdivision of east Sikkim districts. Nathula is a mountain pass in Sikkim. The pass is only open to indian citizens and this pass connects Sikkim with Tibet. Obtained permit by applying to the tourism and civil aviation department and you will need to carry your photo id proof and two passport size photographs. After obtaining permission you need to visit this pass. One of the highest motorable passes in the world and it lies at the height of 4310 m above the sea level blessed with the picturesque beauty. This was a famous among travelers places to visit in sikkim.

Nathula pass tips

  •  The nathula pass remains closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  •  The best time to visit nathula pass may to October and the temperature at nathula pass are around  10 °C. snow lover winter is the best  to visit nathula pass , but with proper garments in winters nathula pass remain closed due to heavy snowfall and with the temperature at nathula pass dropping to -25 °C.

Nathula pass highlight

Nathula pass offers a fascinating view of Chumbi valley of tibets, guarded by mountains.

Gurudongmar lake

In the world, one of the highest lakes is gurudongmar lake  and located at an altitude of 17800 ft in the state of Sikkim. Gurudongmar lake is also known as Buddhist holy lake. Gurudongmar lake never freezes  because it is believed that the guru padmasambhava touched a part of this lake. Both in Buddhist and Sikhism regions , the lake is considered to be carrying religious significance. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains  and the lake is majestic emerald blue in colour. This was one of the best places to visit in Sikkim and for all adventures it was a heaven.

Gurudongmar lake tips

  •   From November to June is the best time to visit Gurudongmar lake in sikkim.
  •   Prior permission required to visit gurudongmar lake. In Gurudongmar lake the oxygen levels are very low. Due to lack of oxygen can cause some serious illness. To stay for an extended time it is not recommended. It is best advisable to consult a doctor before visiting Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim. These were the places to visit in Sikkim in november.


Lachung is the subdivision of north Sikkim district and the elevation of lachung about 2700 m. Lachung was the popular snowfall destination in Sikkim. Lachung has an alpine climate.The heavy snowfall receives during winter and remains pleasant during summer season. During the monsoon season, it receives a lot of rain.

Lachung tips

The best time to visit lachung is from March to May. The bloom of summer remains filled with rhododendron sanctuary  and the fresh produce of the season orchards are filled. This was the best time for exploration and sightseeing. It gives a scenic beauty. Lachung is popular for the tall dark mountains, gushing waterfalls  and striking fruit orchards. Best visiting in lachung is a serene hamlet in Sikkim and these were the places to visit in sikkim in may. 



Pelling was a quaint place and very beautiful in the northeastern indian state of Sikkim. The weather and outdoors are worth every penny you spend on its expensive place. Must visiting places in pelling include rabdentse ruins, Kanchenjunga falls, sangacholing monastery, pemayangtse  gompa and others. Pelling is a popular tourist place to visit in Sikkim and offers amazing views of mount kanchendzonga, waterfalls , lakes and monasteries. Many amazing trekking trails start from the pelling. It was a popular destination thanks to its natural scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. In the midst of the Himalayas, it is tedious to approach the rough and tough roads.

Pelling tips

Traveling to pelling  at any time of the year is good. This beautiful hill town has the ideal time to visit from mid-february to may and from September to December. Travelling here can be lots of fun with plenty of warm clothes during peak winter months of January till mid-february. These were the places to visit in sikkim in november.

Teesta River

Teesta river is located in the Sikkim Himalaya and the glacier above 7068 m and flows southward through gorges and rapids. Before joining the Brahmaputra as a tributary in Bangladesh, the river then forms the border between Sikkim and west Bengal. The Teesta river has a length of 315 km. In winter, visit the teesta river, when the river appears in the frozen state and enhance the beauty of the season and also visit the teesta river in summer to relish the blooming flowers and shiny water of the river. By its visitors some of the loved activities in Teesta rivers are river rafting and kayaking and this was a great source of adventure's best places to visit in sikkim.

Teesta river tips

Travel to the Teesta river at any time of the year is good.

Rumtek Monastery

The Rumtek Monastery is the currently largest in Sikkim and also it is the one of the oldest monasteries in the state. This monastery is located near Gangtok, an ode to the Buddhist culture and tradition. Rumtek Monastery comprises a temple, school, an aviary and several stupas  and it is the perfect place to gain a mental peace and other buildings. It was one of the tourist places to visit in sikkim.

Rumtek Monastery tips

Travel to visit Rumtek monastery all year round.  But between September and June is the best time to visit Rumtek monastery. 

Tsomgo lake

Tsomgo lake is the subdivision of east Sikkim district. Tsomgo lake is also known as changu lake. On visiting Gangtok , don't miss this place. Gangtok was located only 38 km from Sikkim capital. The height of the elevation is about 12313 ft. During the winters the lake becomes frozen and summer brings in a magical charm and this was one of the tourist attraction places to visit in sikkim.The turquoise waters of the lake reflect the amazing views of the nearby peaks and the azure sky above during this time of the year and this was the places to visit in sikkim gangtok.

Tsomgo lake tips

  •  From Gangtok , tsomgo lake is a day trip.  In the morning to reach on time and enjoy the views, it is advisable to leave for the lake early.
  •  During the winter season , beware of roadblocks due to heavy snow.

Tsomgo lake facts

  •  The lake is frozen mostly during the winter.
  •  For the guru purnima festival, tsomgo lake also serves as the venue.
  •  Making it even more alluring, the surface of the lake reflects different colours in different seasons.
  •  The water here is believed to have medicinal values and the lake is considered sacred by the local people.


In the entirety of Sikkim zuluk is one of the small hamlets and is famous for its Sikkim silk route and beautiful valleys. It is a famous tourist attraction in Zuluk and because of its shape kupup lake is also called as elephant lake . It is also popular among the adventure lovers as the riders take them through 32 hair pin bends , in addition to the magical beauty and this was the best place to visit in Sikkim which redefines nature beauty.

 Zuluk tips

  •  The months of August and September are the best time to visit zuluk to experience a flower summer and between the month of January and april to experience the freezing snow.
  •  To visit zuluk you will need a special area permit.
  •  By road visiting zuluk ,beware of the zig-zag roads. While driving on such roads if you are not comfortable it is advisable to hire a local driver.
  •  In Zuluk there are no hotels. The only option to stay in the village is homestays.


Ravangla is the subdivision of south Sikkim districts. It was a small tourist town in Sikkim. The elevation is above 8000ft. Ravangla is the major town  between pelling and gangtok. This hill town also hosts some of the popular treks in Sikkim. As a paradise the bird watches are more popular. In the world , ravangla is home to some of the most rare and endangered birds. On a visit, you can spot dark throated thrush,verditer flycatcher, blue whistling thrush, babblers, cuckoos and others. These were the scenic places to visit in Sikkim gangtok.

Ravangla tips

In ravangla the weather is very volatile so for the occasional rains be prepared. For your protection it is advisable to carry a raincoat or umbrella.

Ravangla facts

In Ravangla, During the months from April and May lots of flowers are in full blossom and these were the places to visit in sikkim in may.

Ravangla highlights

  •  One of the most beautiful sights in Sikkim is the Ravangla giant golden Buddha.
  •  This village in Sikkim is legendary for its temples, monasteries, picturesque tea gardens, exotic flora and fauna, sightseeing spots, ethnic culture, snowing mountains, gushing water falls and adventure sports.