Meghalaya or the abode of clouds as translated is one of the seven sister states in northeast India. There are a lot of places to visit in Meghalaya as one cannot help but marvel at the beauty of this hill-based state. Surrounded by the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia hills Meghalaya offers an abundance of green landscapes, dense forests, and heavy rainfall. It is one of those unspoiled natural beauties which will surely leave you spellbound.

There are a lot of places to visit in Meghalaya but we are listing the top 10 places to visit in Meghalaya that one just cannot miss. The hill-based state has a lot to offer that will definitely awaken the wanderer within you.




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Top 10 Places To Visit In Meghalaya

1. Cherrapunji

Known as the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji receives the highest rainfall in India. It is a high-altitude town located in the state of Meghalaya. Living root bridges, Nohkalikal waterfalls, and Kynrem are just some of the beautiful attractions that one must visit here. Then there are mesmerizing waterfalls, mawsmai cave, the garden of caves, etc. 

Best time to visit

Although the weather remains pleasant and comfortable all year round, the best time to visit cherrapunji is during winter, which is between October to February.

How to reach

Cherrapunji is well connected both by air and rail. The nearest airport is Guwahati airport and the nearest railhead is Guwahati station after that you can either book a cab or avail of private taxi services.

2. Shillong

The capital city of Meghalaya Shillong is famous for its natural green landscapes, scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and forested hills. The Scotland of the east as it is known attracts both tourists and trekkers alike and is known for various tourist attractions such as the Elephanta Falls, Shillong Peak, Don Bosco Museum, and several lakes, etc. One can even see the abundance of tribal population in the city.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Shillong is during any month of the year but many generally prefer to visit during summers when the temperature is mild overall or during winters when the weather is cool and it is the best time for outdoor activities especially for honeymooners. You must remember to carry your woolens if you are planning a trip to Shillong during winter.

How to reach

Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya and is well connected by air as the state’s main airport is located here.

3. Tura

Tura is a must-visit and is among the top places that one should visit in Meghalaya. Covered by lush green landscapes and undisturbed biodiversity Tura is heaven for both wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Nokrek national park and siju caves are some of the major attractions that Tura has to offer.

Best time to visit

Summer is the ideal time for visiting Tura but you can also visit during winter if you are unable to make it during the summer months.

How to reach

The nearest international airport is Guwahati airport which is approximately at a distance of 200 km from Tura. Private and shared cab services are available or you can also book helicopter services which are run by Pawan Hans weekly from Guwahati and Shillong.

4. Williamnagar

Located 244 km from Shillong and formed around the former town of Simsanggre, William Nagar is a very remote area known for its abundance of natural beauty and vegetation. The headquarters of the East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya William Nagar was named after Captain Williamson A. Sangma who was the first chief minister of Meghalaya. This place holds special historical importance as it is at this place that garos made their last major resistance against the Britishers from invading their hills in 1837. Some major tourist attractions include simsang river, simsang festival, domre falls, etc.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit William Nagar is from October to February although one can visit during any time of the year as the weather remains pleasant throughout the entire year.

How to reach

The nearest airports are located in Guwahati and Shillong. One can even travel by train as the nearest railway stations are also in Guwahati and Shillong. From there one has to either book a cab or avail bus services.

5. Kyllang rock

This magnificent giant rock made of red stone is located at a distance of 78 km from Shillong. Kyllang rock is located in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and with a width of 1000 ft it is a mammoth square of granite stone. A climb up the Kyllang rock and one can witness the scenic beauty of the surrounding regions from up there. definitely a must-try for tourists and trekkers alike. One special feature of this god-created behemoth is its magnetic properties. Nothing can fall from this rock.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kyllang rock is between October to April when the weather is pleasant and friendlier for one to explore.

How to reach

Located at 78 km from Shillong you have to book a cab or avail of private taxi services.

6. Living root bridge

If you are on your honeymoon or are a nature lover then you must visit the living root bridge in cherrapunji. This 3 km long and 2400 ft high bridge is made up of the roots of the Indian rubber tree and had been made over 200 years ago. One can even enjoy the beauty of the Umshiang river flowing beneath while walking across the bridge.

Best time to visit

Any time is the best time to visit but it is advised to avoid this place during monsoon as the roads become slippery and wet making it difficult to descend the steps.

How to reach

The Mawlynnong living root bridge is located on the Bangladesh border which is 3 hours from Shillong. And from there drive to riwai village and then a 15 minutes walk to Mawlynnong.

7. Nohkalikai Falls

A must on the itinerary of every traveler’s list among the top places to visit in Meghalaya. Nohkalikai Falls is the world’s 4th highest and noteworthy waterfall in the world. Falling from a height of about 335 meters from a verdant cliff into a pool below this waterfall is a combination of an extraordinary and majestic natural beauty. A breathtaking sight to behold and is a must-visit if you want to see nature at its best.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Nohkalikai Falls is between September to October when the sky is clear and the weather is pleasant.

How to reach

The nearest airport is Borjhar airport Guwahati which is located 166 km north or you can book a cab or avail bus services.

8. Balpakram National Park

Land of spirits as it is called balpakram national park is a traveler’s paradise and is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers alike. The national park is home to a rich variety of tigers, deer, elephants, marbled cats, red panda, wild cows, leopards, and wild buffaloes, etc. Balpakram national park is also compared to the grand canyon in the USA. It is a major attraction for tourists.

Best time to visit

The ideal months to visit Balpakram national park are between October- November, and December- March as the weather is pleasant during these months.

How to reach

The best way to reach is via Tura which is 156 km away. From Tura, you can hire an SUV and go towards baghmara or once you reach Guwahati or goalpara town you can avail yourself of the day or night super buses to reach Balpakram national park.

9. Mawlynnong village

Holding the title of being the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong village is a must-visit for witnessing the scenic beauty and exotic locations around the area. Living root bridges, gorgeous waterfalls, clean environment, and bamboo houses are some of the attractions that will make your Meghalaya trip an extraordinary experience. One can even stay for one night at the bamboo houses and experience Asia’s cleanest village.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is at any time of the year.

How to reach

You have to take a cab from Shillong which is the nearest city.

10. Umiam lake

This picturesque man-made lake located 15 kilometers north of Shillong is a treat to behold. The lake was made after a dam was built for producing hydroelectric power. The dawn at the lake is a treat to watch and one can enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding the lake or indulge in drifting and water-related sports.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Umiam lake is between March and June as one can explore the region during those months.

How to reach

One can book a cab or take a taxi from Shillong and go via the NH6 route. Shillong airport is the nearest airport and it is a short one-hour drive from Shillong.

Meghalaya is a place filled with unparalleled scenic beauty and unexplored natural green landscapes and provides a host of travel experiences both to tourists and trekkers. Hence Meghalaya is a must-visit for any nature lover out there.


1. What is famous in Meghalaya?

  • Shillong

  • Cherrapunji

  • Elephant Falls

  • Baghmara

  • Balpakram National Park

  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge

  • Nohkalikai Falls

  • Kyllang rock

  • Umiam lake

  • Mawlynnong village

2. What is the best month to visit Meghalaya?

The best months to visit Meghalaya are during April- June, October- November, and December- February.

3. Is Meghalaya safe for tourists?

Meghalaya is absolutely safe for tourists in general. Women have a huge stake in family affairs as well as the economy so female solo travelers are also welcome here. The police in general are very much alert here.

4. Is it safe to visit Meghalaya during covid times?

You have to adhere strongly to the government prescribed protocols by maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands at every entry/exit point.

5. How many days are enough for Meghalaya?

You need to spend at least 6 days covering Meghalaya which can easily extend to 15 days if you want to explore the entire northeast belt.