The nature of pang on an oversized scale is that the description appropriate for Pang, associates induce beauty. On a Leh tour, Pang has associated an inevitable area as a result of it takes each traveler to some extent of elation in seconds and that’s the rationale why it is sitting on a high place in each traveler’s heart. Pang is the right place to require a possibility from your journey and refresh your mind with the utmost beauty prevailing within the region.

The principal issue that makes Pang a major place is that the highest army transit camp exists at an associated altitude of 15640 meters higher than the ocean level. It's organized as a tenting choice for the military personnel United Nations agency can travel through this route between the regions bordering Asian nations and China. various tented accommodation choices and food from the tea stalls on the road area unit extremely useful to those journey travelers. 

The rough, uneven plains on either side of the village create the sights awesomely jaw-dropping. Since it's an associated choice to keep night long or to merely take a possibility from the long journey to Leh, Pang beauty is unbroken sunburst until date.


Hotels in pang Ladakh

1-TIH The Regal Camp Pangong. Lukung.

2-The Ladakh Camp, Lukung. Lukung. 

3-The Ladakh Camp, Lukung. Lukung

4.Pang Tso Wooden Cottage, Lukung. Lukung

5-PANG Tso Camp. Lukung

6-Golden Cottage & Restaurant. Lukung

8-Good Luck Camps in Pangong, Lukung.  

9-TIH - Ladakh Summer Pangong Camp. Lukung. 

10-TIH P3 Camp Pangong. Spangmik (Near Lukung)

Leh To Pangong Lake


Leh to Pangong Lake is well connected with alternative necessary places in the Republic of India. Regular flights link Leh with the urban center, Jammu and Srinagar.


Kalka is the nearest train depot to Leh to Pangong Lake. Buses or taxis are often employed to reach Manali via Shimla. Their square measures regular taxis and bus services from Manali to Leh.


Leh to Pangong Lake is often reached during a five-hour drive from Leh. From Leh, one passes through the Changla Pass and so through Taste. 

Their square measures regular bus services travel by state road transport corporation (J&KSRTC). Taxis are often employed from Leh to Pangong Lake. Motorbikes, cars, and jeeps are obtainable at affordable rates. certify to fill fuel at Leh and conjointly carry additional fuel, as there are not any fuel stations close to Pangong Tso.

Tourism At Pang.

Tourism at PANG is one among Associate in Nursing economic contributors to the union territory of Ladakh in the Northern Asian nation. The union territory is an element of the broader Jammu and Kashmir region and is sandwiched between the Mustagh mountain chain to the north and therefore the mountain range to the south and is located at the peak of eleven,400 ft. Ladakh consists of the Leh and Kargil districts.

 The region contains distinguished Buddhist sites Associate in Nursing has a touristry trade. As of 2020, commercial enterprise trade-in Ladakh was valued large integer (US$84 million

Major Places(Tourism At Pang)

Among the places of holidaymaker interest embody Leh, Drass depression, Razi Khar (Chiktan Khar), Suru depression, Kargil, Zanskar, Zangla, Rangdum, Padum, Phukthal, Sani religious residence, Stongdey, Shyok depression, Sankoo, Salt depression.,[4] Markha depression, Ladakh religious residence trek, South Zanskar, Trans-Zanskar Expedition, Spiti to Ladakh, Spiti to Pitok to Hemis, Rupshu, the good Salt lakes, chador Ice trek. We can say that Tourism at PANG is quite famous.