The land of high passes

A bike trip to Ladakh is one that is on every bikers bucket list. This is a unique trip with a lot to encounter. Although the roads are open and it may seem like you can just get up and go explore, if you have been on bike trip before you will know that everything does not really go as planned. This is why it is best to go out on such trips with experts. Deyor Camps are the best Ladakh bike trip organizers in town. Having successfully executed a number of such trips, they are the number one choice of many who have gone on this trip. With expert guides who know how to go about these roads, well maintained bikes that won’t give up on you, a vehicle to keep your baggage, a mechanic who accompanies you throughout the journey and back up fuel they are fully equipped and leave no room for any unwanted surprises.  The added advantage of travelling with these organizers is the opportunity to meet other adventure lovers like you and together explore what lies beyond these untamed roads.

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An unmatched experience

Ladakh is one of the most undiscovered lands and is a place that is completely to the rest of the country in terms of everything, right from the terrain to the climate. This region has jaw dropping scenes at every point which cannot be seen anywhere else. There are high passes everywhere with sheer cliffs and shimmering lakes. The air is as pure as it can get as there is nothing but landscape around. Ladakh is left untouched by modern industrialization and travelling here means witnessing the rawest form of nature. Riding here is the most thrilling experience as the roads can be nasty with loose rocks, sharp stones and huge rocks under the water crossing etc. depending on the weather the conditions of the roads can change too. This is a place where you can camp by the lake with the water sparkling in the moonlight, get a glimpse of the natural wildlife, try trekking on some stretches, go on a double hump camel safari or even participate in other adventurous activities. This trip being one of its kind is a memorable one and travelers wish to come back to refresh memories of the same. To have the best experience travel with the best Ladakh bike trip organizers, Deyor Camps.