At the foothills of the himalayas

Rishikesh is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and is placed just along the river Ganga. This is a famous tourist destination and has a number of tourists from all over the world flocking in throughout the year. There are a number of places that have a spiritual significance here. This is also the center for yoga and meditation. Because of its geographical location Rishikesh provides for a peaceful stay with cool and calm breeze blowing from the Himalayas and the peaceful rivers flowing by. The varying altitudes too provide magnificent views which are a feast to the eyes. The greenery around and the hospitable culture welcomes all those looking for a refreshing holiday experience. Rishikesh has something for everyone to do depending on their interests. Rishikesh is rightly called the “Land of the Gods” as those who visit here will truly have a heavenly experience. Luxury camping in Rishikesh provides a unique experience of having a comfortable stay while in the midst of nature.

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Deyor Safe Stay : Rishikesh - Tour

Deyor Safe Stay : Rishikesh

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  • Byasi, Uttarakhand
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The best camping experience

The campsites here are located just along the river and provide a comfortable stay. Fully equipped with all the requirements these camps are a resort for adventure lovers and holiday makers. Since this Himalayan town is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth, living at these camps makes for an experience which is the closest you can get to nature. With air conditioned as well as non-air conditioned cottages, running water and all such facilities have a hassle free stay here. There are also a number of activities available here like river rafting, rappelling, mountain climbing etc. to participate in. Take part in the bonfires too at night with other fellow campers. Luxury camping in Rishikesh is the ideal holiday getaway