Camping capital of the country

Manali is the ultimate destination for a thrilling adventure. Nestled among glorious mountains, this is a peaceful paradise with an abundance of nature all around. Located at a height of 6725 ft above sea level, this is a high-altitude resort town in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is about 540 km away from the capital of the country. The location makes it easily accessible and the perfect weekend holiday destination. This piece of heaven has tourists from all over the world flying in as well as local tourists flocking here to enjoy its exquisite beauty. Lately, Manali camping trips have gone on a rise, especially since nature around is so supportive of providing the best camping experiences and a number of people want to go adventure camping in Manali.A

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Beas Kund Trek - Tour

Beas Kund Trek

  • 2 Nights 3 Days
  • Mall Road, Manali
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At Nature’s Motel

Camping these days is not the same as before. It is not just about pitching a tent somewhere and spending some time there. Now it is more about an adventure with a lot more to do and this is what makes the Manali camp sites even more attractive. Situated amongst snow capped mountains along riversides the camps here offer a thrilling experience packed with a lot to do right from river rafting and mountain climbing to trekking as well as other activities like paragliding, skiing, and zorbing. The camps are fully equipped with all the requirements to make for a hassle-free camping experience. Meet other adventure seekers too at the bonfires that take place under the starry skies. The tents are sturdy and hold to the weather conditions of Manali. Enjoy adventure camping in Manali during the summer as well as winter as the weather is very pleasant during the summers and there is snowfall during the winters.