<h1>Road Tripping To The Breathless Beauty: Ladakh</h1>

Road Tripping To The Breathless Beauty: Ladakh

Feeding Our Wanderlust

Varun and I have known each other since college. Now he is getting married. We decided to tick the last thing on our bucket list which was to go on a road trip to Ladakh before I lost him forever. I picked up my phone did some research?long story short; we planned our trip with Deyor Camps. We got a couple of the other guys convinced to come along. To us, it was more about the journey than the destination. We got ourselves ready and began our journey. The worst part, in the beginning, was getting ourselves out of the crappy Delhi traffic. We kept telling ourselves ?just a little more and the road is all yours?. It took us a legit couple of hours to get out of the city, and ten more to get to Manali. Arjun was car sick the entire journey and our mocking him wasn?t really helping.

Roads Were Made For Journeys, Not Destinations


When we arrived at Manali, we saw all the machines lined up just waiting to be ridden. Flaunting the ?Lung-ta? flags the realization hit us that this is actually happening. I could not contain myself. We met the leader who seemed like a nice guy. The bikes had been serviced and prepped for our road trip to Ladakh. We wore our leather jackets, safety gear (safety first obviously), hopped on and then there was no stopping us. My personal worry was honestly about the bike. With my prior experience of road tripping, I knew that having a bike that won?t give up on you should be your highest priority. I was happy with how well maintained the rides were. This meant a relatively carefree journey. I dig how well planned Deyor is when it comes to stuff like this.
This trip really makes you realize that it?s the tiny moments that make life worthwhile. The sceneries that I saw render me speechless. Camping by the lake. Watching the sunrise. The rays reflecting on the water making it look like someone sprinkled glitter all over. Tsokar Lake is my personal favorite. The salt deposits look like the ground is covered in snow.

I enjoy riding because it is more liberating. The feeling is something altogether different. You notice every single little thing on the way from the tiny little bumps on the road to the grains of dirt in the air that settles on you. All of us with our individual bikes in endless rows going through the lonely roads in the remote areas felt so adventurous. I have loved camping since I was a young boy in school. As a grown man I can now ride the entire day and when I?m tired pitch a tent wherever possible and call it a day. Staring at the starry night sky in a lonely place like this is a whole other experience. And the tents that are provided at the campsites with them are the best. At Pangong, we had A-Frame tents which were sturdy despite the wind.

Unfolding What Lies Beyond

The journey began with the pass from Rohtang. If you think that going up would have been difficult then you are mistaken, my friend. The road going down to Chandra Valley is even more challenging. The rush you feel though makes it totally worth it. And the view?Man, you got to see it for yourself. You?d think that with all my experience with riding that I?d go on this trip like a pro just like Manish, the leader guy, but I had a lot to learn from him. Like riding on flowing water with a bunch of other guys with their heavy bikes and the rocks underneath moving was a bit challenging. At Jispa the campsite was unbelievable. The roads that lead to were quite difficult to ride on but then the stay there was worth it. Life seems so slow paced here. The clouds move slowly and break apart when they collide into the hills. Also with the biting cold during our trip, there was always someone stopping to take a leak. Sometimes five at a time, standing together in a row. Crazy! Anyways, rising from place to place with changing terrains and altitudes felt like a roller coaster ride at times. Especially up and down the Himalayan pass, but then I noticed something really interesting. After every ?difficult? stretch there?s something really fascinating that shows up. Like in this case, the Tsomoriri lake. At other times, it would be something just as interesting. It was an amazing experience riding a bike in Ladakh through some of the most remote areas. Sometimes we didn?t see any signs of human existence for kilometers at a time. I would really recommend this road trip to Ladakh with Deyor Camps. Anyone who loves riding as much as I do and those who like exploring the unexplored, the options are aplenty and Deyor?s an expert.

The writer of this article, Gaurav Bhutani is from Delhi who went on a biking trip to Ladakh with Deyor Camps in September, 2017

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