<h1>My First Road Trip To Rajasthan</h1>

My First Road Trip To Rajasthan

A road trip to Rajasthan is every bikers dream. If you have not upped the throttle on these roads in India, you cannot call yourself a hardcore rider. Riding has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have been to almost every state in the country. Off late, with all that is happening, I do not get the time to go traveling. One day, at work I came across the Deyor Camps page and was very impressed. Looking at the pictures had me all excited. I decided that I would go on a tour with them. I was quite impressed with the Spiti and the Rajasthan tour and was confused about which one to go on. A coin toss later, Rajasthan it was.

As an experienced rider, I know the worst that could happen on a bike road trip could be having a faulty bike. At Jaipur, I saw that the bike was not only in an amazing condition but we also had a backup vehicle and a mechanic with us. Throughout the trip, we visited the most sought-after destinations in these pristine lands. Rajasthan is a unique beauty and has a lot on offer for those who are looking out for some offbeat adventure. Those who love biking and camping should definitely go on this trip. I got the opportunity to click a lot of pictures too to add to my collection.

The land of sand

The architecture here is unique. There are many historically significant monuments out here to visit. Just walking here feels like going back in time when kings and queens would be going about their royal discourses. One such place is Junagarth Fort. This was really the first stop we had made before visits to many more such places. Living on camps and watching the night turn to day are a specialty of Umaid Safari. The tents are well maintained and stocked with all required necessities. After a comfortable stay post biking on the desert sands and horseback riding. This is where you will get a true Rajasthan experience with the camels around.

On our road trip to Bikaner City, we had a lot to see. This is a major tourist destination with so many iconic attractions. The best desert experience I would say was at Sam Dunes. I don?t think that I would enjoy the desert if I didn?t have my own bike here. I loved riding freely reaching deep in the deserts. The feeling was so liberating. And of course, we did stop at the Om Banna shrine. It really cannot be called a biking trip without paying a visit to Bullet Baba. The legend had always fascinated me.

I think Rajasthan is one of the best places in the country to go on a bike tour. There are so many bullet rentals out here too if you would want to go completely solo. The few days that I spent here were amazing. Riding all day and then camping in the night without a worry in the world. Visiting new places, meeting new people, exploring the cuisine, experiencing royalties of forts, palaces and havelis was nothing less than a BBC documentary playing live in-front of my eyes. Plus the emotion of being there in flesh and blood on your ride of choice. I am already planning my next vacation with Deyor Camps for a splendid bike trip to Spiti. Till then, chao!

Karthik Bhatia, the writer, visited Rajasthan with Deyor Camps in February 2017.

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