<h1>Spiti, The Hotspot For Adventure Lovers</h1>

Spiti, The Hotspot For Adventure Lovers

I had never been to Spiti in the 30 years of my life. I reunited with my old college buddies after years. It was an unfortunate event. The funeral of our friend Dev. Seeing each other brought back so many memories. We used to go on a lot of adventure trips together. We were known as ?the biker gang? in our college. When we sat together over a drink later in the day after the funeral we were reminiscing our best memories of Dev. After an hour of discussion, we remembered that during our farewell Dev said that the next time we meet he hoped that we would go on a trip to Spiti. As a sign of honoring his last wish, we decided to go on the trip. We decided to travel with a travel company called Deyor Camps as I had heard about them. They are the best at organizing biking and camping trips.

When I reached Chandigarh I could not wait for the actual trip to start. There was so much excitement around. The guys were talking about the places mentioned in the itinerary. Each and every one of them sounded amazing. We met the other trippers and instantly jelled with them. The next day we got to our bikes. I was pleased to see the row of Royal Enfields glazing in the sun. The bikes were all well maintained. Like brand new. Not just that, we also had a vehicle to keep our luggage in and a mechanic with us throughout the trip. I am amazed at the foresight that Deyor Camps had and their arrangements.

Riding in untamed lands

Narkanda, the first stop in our trip is a beauty just waiting to be seen. Camping at the picturesque location here is a heavenly experience. The tents were the A-frame tents which are ideal for the weather here. With the mist around, it is like living in the clouds. The skies and the tall trees around make you feel one with nature. Riding around here is an enriching experience as I can never get over this place. To me, this is paradise.

Riding in the quiet town of Kalpa is another experience altogether. I was actually awestruck. I could not believe that something this stunning still exists. Riding around the mountains, feeling the cool wind blow in your face and watching the houses from a bird’s eye view are all memories that I will forever cherish. Crossing the Malling Nallah was an experience I cannot forget. Trying to ride through the running water had me a little nervous and I didn?t like getting my feet wet.

Unforgettable experience

In all honesty, when I witnessed so much beauty even before reaching Spiti Valley I was getting restless about reaching there and witnessing it. On our way to Gue village to see the mummy, there were stones rolling down the mountain. We needed to be attentive while passing. The mummy though was creepy as hell if you ask me. Riding up to Hikkim, the highest village in the world was thrilling. It is a wonder that people actually stay so high up there. This is the ultimate offbeat riding experience going up are dirt roads to this obscure paradise.

I would say that a road trip to Spiti should be on every adventure seekers bucket list. The entire trip is filled with new experiences every single day. My experience visiting Spiti is surreal. Going there made me feel closer to my friend who is gone forever and I wish I had visited the place with him when he was around. The people around and the monasteries too added another feel to the entire trip. I am glad that I travelled with Deyor Camps and I think that there is no better way that I could have done it.

Rocky Gupta visited Spiti with Deyor Camps in September 2017.

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