<h1>Happiness Is A Place Called Bhutan</h1>

Happiness Is A Place Called Bhutan

I had heard that Bhutan is the happiest country in the world. To me, happiness is travelling. So, I figured, riding my way to Bhutan for holidays would make me double happy. This was just the getaway I needed. A friend of mine had traveled with Deyor Camps before and mentioned that this particular company is best equipped to facilitate road trips. I was going solo and thought of this as the best opportunity to go out and about with a group of people who share similar interests as me. I was all ready for a Bhutan bike trip.

I was so thrilled on my flight to Bagdogra that I had butterflies in my stomach the entire journey and not just during the turbulence mid-air. When I saw the row of Royal Enfield 350CC bikes all lined up in Siliguri is when I realized that it is actually happening. ?I am going to Bhutan!? I yelled in my head. My friend had told me that I could completely rely on Deyor Camps. When it came to the question about the bikes being reliable, I did not want any surprises during the trip.

The unlimited beauty

The vibe itself in Bhutan fills you with positivity. The cool October weather, the clear air and the sunny skies. You feel the freshness of the air as the wind blows in your hair while riding. I cannot relate to it being called the land of the thunder dragon. It was so peaceful that it felt like heaven. The gate at the entrance of Thimphu looked marvelous and makes you feel more welcome. Riding past it and watching the beauty unfold before your eyes is another feeling altogether. 72% of Bhutan is covered in forests and when you look at the Buddha statue here all you see is greenery in the backdrop. Also this is one of the highest Buddha statues. The visit here was monumental to me. And Thimphu being the first stop during the journey remains close to my heart. The stillness of nature in Bhutan is what I admire the most. Everything here is so peaceful. The people around here seem so happy and looking at their joy makes you go gaga. I guess that is why they say that this is the happiest country. Because of what people take away from here.

During the ride to Paro Dzong, looking at it from a distance and as you get closer, the anticipation keeps increasing. It is nestled in between green hills with a river flowing right in front of it with grey rocky shores. The scenery here looks like one of those pictures you would see on a calendar. Riding on the countryside without any worry in the world is a really liberating feeling. With the paddy fields swaying gently with the wind. The occasional farmer you come across who will look up at you while working just to greet you with a smile gives such a homey feel. I would stay there forever if I were given the chance. Throughout my journey here I was filled with excitement because every moment was beautiful here and every time I hopped on my bike I knew that there would be something marvelous to discover. Going to Bhutan with Deyor Camps really helped me realize my passion.

The writer of this article, Mayur Shetty, went on a trip to Bhutan in October 2017 with Deyor Camps.

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