<h1>Do’s and Don’ts while camping</h1>

Do’s and Don’ts while camping

The number of people opting to go on camping trips is increasing every day. Camping is one activity that could either go really good or really bad. Some of the best memories are made while camping, however, if you are going camping, there should be a plan which should be well executed.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts while camping which could be applied on any camping trip, be it while camping and rafting in Rishikesh or any other camp:

  1. Do have a thorough research done about the campsite that you are about to visit. If you are going camping and rafting in Rishikesh, make sure that you check the itinerary and are well informed about everything related to the vicinity.
  2. Don’t forget to carry the important things that you need on a daily basis like any form of medication, mosquito repellent, painkillers etc. If you are looking at Manali trekking packages, you know that on your trek you may not find any medical stores on the way. Hence, it is best to be well prepared.
  3. Do arrive at the camp during the day. It is best to go and check out everything when there is daylight, even if you have a good experience of camping. Arriving early helps you explore the surroundings as well as pitch the tent and get the food ready without any hassle.
  4. Don’t pollute the place you are camping. Take care of the litter, make sure that you take back any waste that you could be making while you are staying there and also try and collect any waste you see there to keep a tidy environment. Leave with everything you brought to the camp.
  5. Do click pictures to take back memories. Camping at the Andamans in an Andaman family package can be a beautiful experience where the family comes together. Capture these moments so that you can go back to it whenever you want to.
  6. Don’t leave any food unattended, you could have unexpected visitors who could ruin the campsite as well as your belongings. This may not be good for the wildlife too as they might harm themselves getting caught into something at the camp.
  7. Do have campfires where it is safe to have one. Make sure that you do not have it somewhere that could cause a forest fire. Put out the fire when it is not needed.
  8. Do carry essentials to keep you warm like blankets and jackets as well as other important things like a torch, maps etc.
  9. Don’t destroy the nature around the place that you are camping at. Be considerate towards the environment. Avoid plucking branches and disturbing birds’ nests etc. Remember that you are a guest there.
  10. Don’t carry too many things. Be as minimal as possible when you go camping and only take the absolute basic essentials. Carry toiletries, the gear you need to go around, earphones and a few other things that you really need. If you carry too much you will not really enjoy the best camping experience.

Following these rules of camping, experience the best camping trip ever

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