<h1>Andaman: The Tropical Paradise</h1>

Andaman: The Tropical Paradise

Mangroves, Sun, Sand and More

I definitely love beaches. Unfortunately, I live in Delhi. I spend every holiday visiting places where I can enjoy the seashore. My girlfriend and I made a spontaneous decision to visit the Andaman and Nicobar islands during the summer vacations. Since it was unplanned after a quick search I found out about Deyor Camps who specialize in organizing such trips. We left everything in their hands. All we did was pack our bags and leave. To me this is the perfect getaway from the busy Delhi lifestyle. To me, lying down on the sands at the seashore with a chilled beer in my hand is one of the simple pleasures in life.



At Port Blair, we got our first impression of this paradise. Such a drastic difference when compared to Delhi. The laid-back lifestyle here really had me feel envious. I knew that throughout the trip I would be visiting many beaches but the thalassophile in me could not wait until I visited the first one which was Corbyn?s Cove. There is something about beaches that make you forget all the worries in life. The aggressive wind that blows continuously. The giant orange sun submerging itself into the ocean at a distance. The fine grainy sand made my toes feel therapeutic.

Thanks to Deyor the commute from place to place went on smoothly. We also did not have to worry about the entry tickets to the places we had visited. We had also been to a number of sight-seeing destinations. I appreciate the beauty of nature here. There is less human interference. Nature is kept intact here and is so much different from the rest of the places that I have been to. I loved taking the boat rides from one island to the other. On the placid waters that reflect turquoise blue hues while watching the ripples, the boat makes on the ocean as we go ahead is satisfying. The view from the guesthouse at Long Island was amazing. Looking out from the balcony made me feel like I have the entire beach to myself and the sun rises just for me.

White Sands In A World Of Solitude

Diglipur is a wonder. The blissful walk on the long stretch of sand with the enchanting sound of the vast ocean in the background is one to remember. This is a picturesque natural paradise. Exploring this land is a whole other experience. When I compared the crowd, pollution or just the whole environment of Delhi to this paradise, I dreaded going back home. The entire reason I first fell in love with Andaman was that I had seen a picture of Ross and Smith islands on a poster. Realizing this, in reality, was way more intriguing. Overviewing the sandbar that connects the two islands with my girlfriend by my side gave me feel a sense of accomplishment. It is truly the Paris of the East. Though many tourists visit these islands, the tropical forests and the aquatic life here are well preserved. To my surprise, there were deers and peacocks too.


To all those who want to travel to the Andamans I would suggest you travel with Deyor Camps. I feel like I have made the most out of my visit here because they are customer focused and they have very good organizational skills. My girlfriend and I made a lot of amazing memories here. We also made so many friends including an elephant named Chhotu. I will definitely come back to Andamans.

Yash, the writer visited the Andaman and Nicobar islands in April 2017 with Deyor Camps.

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