<h1>6 Places In India You Should Ride To</h1>

6 Places In India You Should Ride To

Over the years the trend of holidaying has been facing a change with more people opting for offbeat travelling options. This is the best way to go out and explore different places without any interruption and go at one’s own pace with full freedom. Here are some of the best places in India to ride to.

Keeping this trend in mind, here is a list of places you should look into if you are considering a road trip with places like Spiti, Ladakh, Kerala and Rajasthan being amongst them.


Spiti Valley bike trip



This trip is includes magnificent views of the Himalayas as well as absorbing the Buddhist culture. Through the long routes there are stretches where there will be no human interference at all. Some of the well known passes here are the Rohtang pass and Kunzum, riding through these are a dream come true. Though riding here requires some endurance, considering the rocky roads and high altitudes, the unique experience is completely worth it.


Manali to Ladakh Bike trip



Ladakh is the land of high passes with dry mountains and stunningly sharp rocks; this makes it one of the most thrilling and sought after destination for bikers. The entire route from Manali right up to Ladakh is full of beautiful sights with the colorful prayer flags fluttering and Buddhist monasteries. On this trip you can also travel on one of the highest mortorable passes in the world. The ride goes through the dry planes and that actually has people living in those extreme climate conditions. While travelling set camp at some beautiful locations where you can witness the true and unique beauty of the nature in this part of the country.


Rajasthan road trip

This trip is a bikers dream. A Rajasthan road trip involves riding in the desert state of the country and catching views of some really historically significant monuments. Throughout this journey you can witness the unique architecture of the forts around. While in Rajasthan a desert safari is a must which includes a camel ride. Though Rajasthan is a desert the culture is very colorful and it can be seen in the traditional handicrafts and costumes that the people wear during functions. A road trip to Rajasthan is not complete without paying tribute to the famous Om Banna Shrine.

Leh Bike trip

Being the Mecca for riders, there are a number of Ladakh bike trip organizers offering trips to Leh. This mountain city is the ideal bike trip travelling destination. With views of mountain ranges and flowing rivers this is a blissful experience. This trip has roads going through high altitudes at high as 13,000 feet up in the Himalayas. There are opportunities to take part in other activities too during this journey like trekking, cycling and river rafting.


Kerala bike trip

Kerala is a paradise just waiting to be explored. With a lot to offer, from beaches, rivers, lakes to hill stations, a bike trip to Kerala is an enriching experience. The flora and fauna here is so lively and the culture is very colorful. The roads go through paths that are full of greenery. Besides going about exploring there are other waterborne activities that you could try out here like jet-skiing, kayaking, swimming and surfing.


Delhi to Ladakh road trip



This trip is the perfect getaway from the hectic city life and into nature. This trip goes to one of the most remote areas in the country and is full of surprises at every turn. There are some spectacular views throughout the journey with mountains and lakes to stop at. This experience leaves the travelers wanting to come back to the peaceful wilderness.

Make your bike trip one which is full of thrill and adventure at every turn, be it in Ladakh, Kerala, or Spiti Valley

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