<h1>10 Things To Carry On A Bike/ Motorcycle Trip</h1>

10 Things To Carry On A Bike/ Motorcycle Trip

Going on Motorcycle trips is the most thrilling way to spend the holidays with a group of friends. While going on these trips it is best to always be prepared like on any other type of adventurous activity as this dream can easily turn into a nightmare if things are not done right. A lot of professional riders have suggested not taking any risks when it comes to certain matters hence; here are 10 things that you need to consider while planning a motorcycle trip.

So, next time around, pack your saddlebags with these essentials for your Bhutan or Leh or Kerala or any other bike trip:


On a bike trip you will obviously need a bike but what needs to be kept in mind that this is a comfortable bike. Sometimes, certain modifications need to be made on the bike to make sure that it is comfortable as long hours are going to be spent on the bike and it has to be in its best condition. Some changes necessary on the bike could be a comfortable seat, guards, better headlights, exhaust etc.


Comfortable clothes

Since you will be riding for a long period of time over a long distance the what you wear is very important. It is advisable to wear riding pants as well as a jacket and ankle boots for safety. Make sure that they fit well since either too loose or too tight clothing could inconvenience you and cause some discomfort during the journey. While picking out the clothing also consider the destination, for example if you are looking at Leh bike trip packages then you have to carry gear accordingly.


A map

You could use Google maps but you do not know whether you will always have service. You could end up stranded somewhere if you are not prepared. It is best to carry a physical map on you so that you can keep track of where you are at all times and do not end up wasting time.



Carrying certain things is essential in every trip like toothpaste, toothbrush and some soap. It would be really uncomfortable and could leave you feeling irritable.


First aid kit

Safety should always be the top priority. Do not leave anything to chance. Carry whatever medication you may need on your journey and also include painkillers and paracetamol. There may not be any stores on the way. There may be times that you are in some remote are like maybe up in the mountains on a Bhutan bike trip where there may not be any medical store for miles.


Modular helmet

A good, full-coverage helmet is the best as it protects the head as well as the face. The helmets with the flip-up are the best because they are the most convenient as you do not have to keep taking off your helmet everytime you need to do something like asking directions while on a Kerala road trip.


Battery pack

If you love technology and keep using your gadgets either to click pictures or updating  feed on your social media then chances are you will run out of juice. There may not be any charging ports for long stretches. Its best to carry a battery pack so that you can charge your device on the go and do not have to make any compromises on the way.



Although we have gone cashless and rely on our plastic money, this is not the case everywhere. There may be places where they do not swipe cards and you will have to rely on money to do any purchases.



Riding for long hours through different terrains may result in wear and tear of the bike. Some vital tools should be carried just in case something goes wrong. You may need to tighten bolt heads, remove wheels, top up oil or brake fluid. A sharp knife may be needed to be carried too.


Bluetooth headset

Even if you love riding and seeing new places, it can get a bit boring after a while. With a Bluetooth device you can either listen to some music or keep in touch with your fellow riders while on the go with your helmet on.

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