<h1>10 Best Things About Camping</h1>

10 Best Things About Camping

Camping is one of the simplest pleasures in life. It is a sweet escape from everything, full of fun and adventure. Pitching a tent away from in the forests is as close as you can get to nature. Camping is the best way to spend a holiday.

Here are some reasons why you should go camping and enjoy the most adventure filled holiday, be it in Kasol, Jaisalmer or Pangong:


With all the modern development we are finding ourselves even away from nature. The best way to come and experience the best of nature is by camping and being around nature in its completely raw form.  A Kasol camping experience means living in a tent amongst the tall pine trees with greenery all around and no buildings or roads in sight.


Good Company

When you go camping, either solo or with friends, chances are that you will find some more like minded people. This is also the time to bond with family and friends. While camping build stronger connections and create memories with each other. At some campsites you can also meet people from the area you are camping at, the Jaisalmer desert camp package includes exposure to the nomad lifestyle, here you can strike a conversation with the locals and learn about their culture.


Open sky

Wake up to the beautiful sun rise. Stare at the open blue skies and the milky clouds without any obstruction. The best sunrises can be seen at the Pangong lake camp where the sun rises from amongst the mountains. While camping, the nights are as beautiful as the days as they are illuminated by the moon and the stars.



A campfire is the essence of camping. You cannot say that you have been camping if there was no campfire. This is the best time for everyone to come together and warm up while create amazing memories. Either playing some music, singing songs, sharing ghost stories or playing camping games these are moments that you will treasure.


Water activities

Campers usually look for some adventurous opportunities. Some camps located near some water bodies offer the best activities, be it a river or a lake. Take part in activities like kayaking, river rafting, rappelling, swimming and much more.



Camping anywhere, be it Kasol camping or Pangong lake camping the things you get to go out and explore will be different. Every camp has something new and amazing to look forward to. It could be a desert or a rainforest, amongst the mountains or by a river. Every location has something unique about it just waiting to be noticed.



Even a gourmet chef-cooked cannot meal cannot compare to the food cooked while camping. The food may not be grand but you appreciate whatever is on your plate. Nothing can compare to the freshly cooked pot meal cooked over the wood fire. Getting together and cooking some instant noodles is an experience all by itself.



Going camping is the closest that you can possibly get to wildlife without any obstruction. Living amongst the trees you can catch sights of a number of beautiful creatures like birds and butterflies. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping. You can also see some rare and endangered species.



Going camping, you do not have to spend as much as you would have to spend on other vacations. It does not require a lot of shopping and you could just carry a few things that you already have lying around in the house. This is also a very environmentally friendly holiday.


No disturbances

Camping is the best time to relax as there is nothing to bother you. You may not have proper phone coverage so there is no temptation to use technology. All you can do is explore and enjoy the nature around you.

Enjoy the best holiday experience while camping, be it by the lake Pangong or the desert in Jaisalmer

Camping cannot be an individual experience and is best enjoyed with a group of like minded people. Deyor Camps have some amazing camping options that you could choose from and experience either with your friends or with the other fellow campers you meet at the campsite. Experience the best things about camping on your own camping trip and take back memories that you will treasure.

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