Best Activities To Do While In Dubai

There are countless places to visit and thousands of fun-filled activities to give you the best experience on your tour to Dubai. It is well understood that choices come with personal preferences and what may be considered as an activity of fun may be boring to another. 
However, we have carefully selected places that have peaked among previous tourists to Dubai. We can only hope that you find the places listed below worth your while in Dubai. 

1. Skydiving at Palm Jumeirah

  Do you like adrenalin-popping activities while on a tour to Dubai? Then the Skydive Dubai is perfectly suitable for you.

GPRS: You can go skydiving at the Palm Jumeirah.


2. Visit Dubai Creek

Give yourself a treat in these exquisite restaurants and at Dubai Creek. When you visit, you will have the opportunity of enjoying magnificent views, while feasting on dishes from an array of delicious delicacies.

GPRS: Enjoy this while on tour to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


3.  Enjoy Lake Ride at Dubai Fountain

We already discussed a visit to the Dubai Fountain. What I didn't tell you is that you can enjoy a lake ride at the fountain, I was saving it for now. You have the opportunity of enjoying a lake ride and feeling the pleasure of the sea breeze while you ride.

GPRS: Dubai Mall, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, UAE.


4. Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Wouldn't it be fun to just ride or drive in an endless direction without the feeling of restrictions that occasion our city roads? If your answer is yes, then we will be more than glad to include this in your tour package to Dubai.

GPRS: Dubai Desert, Dubai, UAE.

5. Enjoy Skiing at Ski Dubai

 If you love a ''freaking freezing adventure'', why don't you include Skiing in your Dubai tour package? Sure, rolling in the snow and allowing yourself to breathe in nature's freedom isn't a bad thing to do, is it?

GPRS: Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - UAE.


6. Dine at Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

 Not many have had the chance to enjoy dinner on a cruise boat, not many will have this opportunity, but you do. If you would like to dine and cruise, you should very much include this item on the list of your Dubai tour package.

GPRS: Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE.

7. Visit Ferrari World

 Okay, maybe you are a race cars fan, a Fast & Furious enthusiast, and on tour to Dubai, then I recommend that you include a visit to the fast and furious amusement park on your list.
This is a Ferrari-branded theme park. No amount of adventure comes close to the nerve-racking, adrenalin popping, and thrilling experiences that come with the twists and turns, and the rollercoaster that accompanies this adventure.

GPRS: Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Remember that we are here to give you the best experience while you vacation in Dubai. Book a tour now or talk to one of our customer representatives for further inquiries.