The Tiger's Pug-Mark Resort in Jim Corbett is located in a magnificent valley which is 15 km away from Ramnagar railway station. A striking blend of nature's ecstasy and great luxury is what makes the resort among the best resorts in Jim Corbett. Being perfectly situated, it originates a micro-climate of its own, arousing one's senses and finding the inner peace.

The Resort can prove to be the eventual choice for those looking out for pure adventure and fun along with the premium quality of accommodation and exclusive amenities. Counted among the most upcoming resorts in Corbett, Corbett view offers the highest level of luxury and privileged solitude to the guests while their visit to the Jim Corbett National Park. All these services just categorize the first choice among all the premium resort in Corbett. Counted among the luxury resorts in Corbett (Uttarakhand), the resort spread is massive, making the end seem infinite.

1 Night 25 Nov, 26 Nov, 27 Nov, and more Bail Parao, Uttarakhand

What is included in the tour

  • Swimming Pool
  • Recreational Room
  • Pool Table
  • Bonfire
  • Music

Named in honour of the legendary hunter turned conversationalist, author and photographer, Lt Col Jim Corbett who spent most his life in the area and helped in setting up the park. The idea was to save the alarmingly dwindling population of Panther Tigris or the tiger by establishing special reserves that offer a large enough natural habitat for the tiger and other wildlife animals. The main objectives of the ambitious project tiger were to create and maintain natural habitats that can effectively help to rehabilitate and conserve wildlife in India and to maintain a viable tiger population for scientific, ecological aesthetic and cultural values. JIM COBBETT NATIONAL PARK under this initiative has shown a remarkable increase in the dwindling population of the wild cats (latest stats reveal 148 Tiger's inhabiting the jungle spread in over 550 sq.km approx). Not just Tiger's the CORBETT has a remarkable population of other endangered species such as Elephants, Bears, Ghariyals, Wild Bores, different varieties of Deers and much more.

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